Fasting to jump start your fitness progress

Choosing a cleanse

RRRRRRIIPPPPPPP!!!! Yep it is a dreaded sound and as an expert jeans wiggler it means that the tides have changed on the ability to squeeze into your favorite jeans.   As soon as I heard the sound I knew the curves I was nurturing had now gotten out of control.  In the weeks that followed I received a rude awakening to the fact that “thirties being the new twenties” is not applicable in all areas.  In the past where I could skip a couple of deserts and return to my normal weight, with time my extra pounds had taking a liking to me that a desert free zone could not break.  In talking to a friend who faced similar problems we decided that trying out a cleansing fast may be a good way to break through the waist line standstill but also give our bodies a break from the steady flow of garbage that finds its way inside.  There are an abundance of cleansing options so here are the steps I went through to personalize a cleanse for me:

  1. Choose your goals: Not every cleanse is equally effective in all areas.  Some really promote moving toxins out of your body while others have a strong focus on weight loss.  Start first by deciding what you want to accomplish.  Doing so can quickly eliminate cleanses that don’t answer your goals.  Most cleanses operate on a short term basis so be truthful in what a cleanse can do for you in the time frame you can commit to.
  2. Keep it real:  The thought of drinking water, lemon and cayenne pepper for two weeks initially turned me off to the idea of cleanses.  In checking into I learned there are various different types, including supplements, vitamins, juices and tons of other alternatives.  I had to be realistic about what I could do considering my life is not going to suddenly evolve around a cleanse.  By modifying a liquid cleanse to eating a salad once a day I am able to take precautions that my mood and energy level won’t drop or kick out unexpectantly.  Nobody feels like dealing with a grumpy you just because you choose to fast.
  3. Team up to give yourself some support and accountability: I decided on the type and duration of my cleanse with a friend.  Hunger is a horrible thing and without having someone understanding what you are going through you may quickly grow to hate the group of snackers all around you.  In additional to providing you with some important support to stick with your fast, when it is all over you have someone to celebrate meeting your goal with.
  4. Research the up and down sides of your cleanse: What works for your friends, or Beyoncé, or Oprah may not necessarily work for you.  Take the time to find out what are the good and bad effects of your dietary changes.  Sometimes the ups and downs to your body can put you in a worst situation then you started with even if your cleanse is successful.  Additionally extreme cleanses often require an equally lengthy regiment to go back to eating regular foods, be in the know for whatever route you choose.
  5. Check your schedule: A week full of stressful meetings and lunch appointments may not be the best time to go on a cleanse.  If nothing else being around delicious scents of food is likely to make you feel some type of way (probably grumpy).  Pinpointing a period of time where you can suck up any potential effects of your cleanse will help prevent excuses for cheating.
  6. Preparation is key: Almost any cleanse requires you to get your ducks in a row.  Either by buying the cleanse or making it in house there are steps that have to be done to actually get the cleanse moving.  Doing the work before helps run offense on life getting in the way of completing your cleanse.  The cleanse itself will be hard enough, take anything you can surrounding the cleanse off your plate before you get in the thick of it.

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