Fashion love at first site with Danny Nguyen couture

Fashion Houston red carpetI always like to use fashion as an expression of not just my personal sense of style but as a peek inside who I am at a particular moment.  Every once in a while I run into a fashion piece that does exactly that, no translation needed.  At the Vox Culture fashion show I ran into myself preserved away in a dress and it was instant love at first sight.  As I am a pretty eclectic person Danny Nguyen couture presented a dress that can swaying across the runway that gave me a strong mix of elegance, edginess, class and crazy that describes the four corners of who I am.

Fashion Houston red carpet 2What initially cut my eye with the dress was the skirt.  I am a true maxi lover.  Something about seeing the silhouette without any skin is a smooth play between leaving it up to your imagination and also seeing enough curve to know that even though you can’t see everything, you still know the curves are there.  Add some pockets to that mix to give some great function to a sleek look and now you are cooking!  This long flared skirt still gave some fun with the movement the cut of the skirt delivered.  This fun element was also accented with the printed top.  By choosing a colorful print of a king to adorn the top it paired with the solid colored skirt.  To keep a dash of sexy in the mix, a wide cut out for the back added to the originality of the dress so just when you think you had it all figured out there was another cool element to see.  By adding additional accessory elements such as this mold gold plated belt and spiked studs the dress was visual puzzle that became more and more fun as you put take the individual pieces apart and then put them all together again.

Fashion Houston red carpet3With the perfect dress for me in hand I set out for the fun and fashion that is Fashion Houston.  By adding my own bit of flare with some dragon ear cuffs I walked in feeling sexy and unstoppable.  More than anything else clothes that make you feel that transform not just how you present yourself but also how other see you and isn’t that what fashion is all about?


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