The Fairmont Washington DC Hotel Review

outside-the-fairmontAs a city that frequently host dignitaries the world over, Washington DC has its fair share of phenomenal hotels. With my last visit my cousin who resides in DC one of her favorites and with my most recent trip I decided to give it a go.  The Fairmont Washington DC is a hotel rich in history and a regal since of luxury that makes it a beautiful choice when you visit the city or just want to get away on a staycation within the city.

fairmont-dc-entranceAs it was recently remodeled one of the most interesting parts of the Fairmont is the influx of old and new. From the first step in the entrance you can tell it is an old hotel, but not old in the since of some tired antiquated building.  It’s polished and eloquent and with the new remodel an uplifted and elevated version of something classic.  The bar and courtyard area provide a beautiful space where you can just relax and enjoy a cocktail or even tea.

fairmont-dc-roomThe rooms are roomy and elegant but my goal in most cities is to be on the move almost the entire time I am there. What I look for is a place ideally situated to help me make that happen.  With its pristine placement in Georgetown, the Fairmont is a great starting point to exploring the food, fun and wonders of DC.  With a leisurely stroll you can be at the wharf or browsing the shops and restaurants in Georgetown.  Feeling like being even more on the move then a lot of city tours, bikes, Segway’s and even on foot, take off close to the Fairmont’s location.  The routes are beautiful so within a couple mile stroll passing parks and shops you can access a couple of great parts of the city.

fairmont-dc-lobbyWith a great location and elegant setting the Fairmont already ranked high on my list but the icing on the cake was definitely the customer service. We had a great bartender who insisted on making sure my best friend made the most of her birthday celebration and when you sign up for their rewards program other great perks like car service come hand in hand.  When in DC staying at the Fairmont is a great way to balance luxury with the ability to still have some fun on a holiday weekend.

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