Exploring the wonderful world of art at Houston Fine Art Fair

Houston Fine Arts Fair 2014 (21)The Houston Fine Art Fair brings international powerhouses in the world of art to the Houston area in an easy and fun format that you can enjoy alone or with friends.  The casual nature of the event encourages the conversations that open the door to art appreciation by asking the why questions that go to heart of why you like the pieces that move you.  Once you know the root it becomes a lot easier to spot out what moves you.  As you begin collecting, pinpointing how to merge the qualities you like with appreciating art pieces is the lynchpin to creating a collection that you love of pieces that are growing in value.  With the art fair organized by the interest of the galleries represented, you have a chance to engage curators and artists alike in what is new on the scene and the pieces and projects that excite them.

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The easiness in exploration found at the fair is unmatched when it comes getting the expansive range of art mediums to find what resonates with you and gives a much different vibe than art exploration at a museum. Museums are the main way most people get an introduction to art.  Having the opportunity to wander a museum and develop a sense for what you like and don’t like is a great way to get a quick glimpse into what art has to offer. Starting in a museum is a great way to get an appreciation for the craftsmanship, love and reflection artist pour into their creations.  Museum curators choose their collections based on the aesthetic of the museum and how they can best weave a story for their audience, not based on any individual’s personal preference.  So although you get an opportunity to look around you may be limited in getting deep into an art style that really resonates with you.  A step outside a museum as with the Houston Fine Art Fair gives you a chance to take a deeper step into exactly the kinds of mediums you like most.  The fair gives you a whole new opportunity to explore and possibility own some phenomenal pieces of art that directly speak to what sparks the passion for art in your own heart.

Houston Fine Arts Fair 2014 (16) Houston Fine Arts Fair 2014 (12)What I love best about the Art Fair is that moment you wander across a piece that really leave you in awe. The piece is different for everyone so it is a bit of a treasure hunt to find.  In the end, however, the reflection, inspiration, and inspiration that occurs when you find the piece that moves you is worth every step.  Regardless of if you lean towards pop art, photography, painting, or even performance art there is something to light everyone’s fire at the Houston Fine Art Fair.  If you want a more structured look make sure to check out the expert guided tour during the weekend’s festivities.


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