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Art is not limited to things you see, all of your senses can get involved and it becomes more of a total body experience.  Art can be things you hear, see, touch and feel.  A great example of art that really engages your senses is performance art and Counter Current is currently providing Houstonians a chance to come across art that engages them one on one throughout the city.  The array of sites is matched only by the array of installations throughout the city in this five day festival.  I had the opportunity to attend the Opening Night Party and it was phenomenal.  One of the best things about the Counter Current festival is that you really are not sure what you are going to get before you get there.  The element of surprises takes away your ability to judge what the exhibition should and should not be and bring your own expectations to the show only to be disappointed when it does not suit what you wanted.  Clearing your plate of these notions let you take in what you see or hear or feel uncensored and just enjoy it for everything it is without thinking everything it is not.  As we turned our attention to the performance for the Opening Night Party I was shocked at what was produced by the water glasses on a table I passed when I walked in.   Glasses or instrumentMaking something great from something simple, however, is what art is really about.

Opening Night performer 2 Opening Night ExhibitAt the Counter Current Festival the themes that the project tackles really challenge you to think about topics such as the language and acceptance in a new light.  As an added bonus, the Counter Current Festival is sprinkled with fun happy hour and late night events that encourage the dialogue about the exhibits.  Sharing your feelings on a piece and receiving others opinions really enrich the art experience.  It’s not too late to check out the installations planned for the weekend, Click Here for the events schedule and make plans to experience for yourself.

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