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Perrier Jouet tasting at Spec's Warehouse

Perrier Jouet tasting at Spec’s Warehouse

When you are short on free time it is easy to fall into a rather predictable trap of doing the same old things with your spare time.  Free time is a pretty valuable commodity and it is easy to spend it doing the things we know we like to do instead of the things we are unsure about or have never done before.  Trying new things, however, opens a big door not just to get a new perspective but also to open up your network to people you may have never encountered if you always stick to the same people, places and events that are routine in your life. 

I always have my eye out for new things and as I love to learn. Often these events give me some insight on things I am not an expert on.  Most recently I attended a Champagne tasting at Spec’s Warehouse that not only offered complimentary delicious champagne but also really schooled me on champagnes in the company of some great people.  Champagne is definitely something I like and enjoy but honestly I am no connoisseur.  The champagne tasting presented by Perrier Jouet took me on a tour of not only great champagne but the history and care that goes into making an exclusive bottle of champagne.  Believe me it the care makes the price seem insignificant when you hear about the quality, care and exclusive waits and standards that go into every bottle of their Champagne.  Not to mention the discount on purchases as an attendee. 

The icing on the cake of the fantastic night of education and champagne is really the setting, however.  Taking something you like and transitioning it into something you love can lead on you a path to find like-minded individuals.  It’s amazing what can happen when you have something in common!  Despite going alone I was quickly able to learn and laugh from the others at my table.  Let’s face it, you are in a better mood and likely more approachable when you are doing something you actually like to do and that sets the mood for introducing others to the real you.  Instead of having to make a hard sell on yourself it becomes a natural evolution of conversation and possibility friendship.  This opportunity to network makes it fun instead of seeming like a chore and care really forge some genuine relationships.  I was even able to connect with another solo attorney.  Opportunities can abound when you are being yourself and doing something you enjoy (even if you are a novice). 

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