Entering the world of luxury timepieces with Eleven James

IMG_8303When it comes to having a smooth and polished look there is no better way to round out your look than with accessories. In men’s fashion there are few better ways to accomplish this goal than through a timepiece.  A great time piece highlights not only a man’s style, but also speaks volume to the occasion, polish and position that comes with the wearer.  Whether it be fun or bold or classic or even extravagant a man’s time piece gives a visible node other’s take note of when they size up a man.  Stepping into the world of luxury timepieces, however, is no small feat.  With watches often coming with a heafty price tag it can become a challenge to choose the right one to carry through all the important occasions and styles a man wants to access.  With so many choices and so little time what’s a man to do when making his choice for arm candy?  Eleven James is a company that has burst on the scene ready to answer this question and give men access to a range of options, brands and styles without having to commit to just one choice.

Eleven James stylized photoExclusive access to some of the premier watch designers is enough to make almost any fine watch collector or enthusiast drool. With access to brands like Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, and even Patek Philippe the selection is unrivaled to watches that redefine the style element of almost any occasion.  Just as car clubs work to provide access to luxury vehicles without having to make the commitment that comes with purchasing, Eleven James subscriptions provides two month rotations where you can get hands on access to the watches that dreams are made of.  As you begin the process the personalized services of Eleven James takes the time to find out about the personal style and options you are interested in.  Either through the guidance of their concierge or at one of their exclusive networking events you get to discover the style, fit, shapes and features that connect with your style.  In line with keeping you on your toes and giving you an expanded personal experience with the watch just as one rotation ends, the fun and excitement of a new watch makes it not just Christmas in July but year round when you see the Eleven James box pop up.

As the world of accessories have already blazed ahead in the world of women’s luxury purse exchange programs, the concept of bringing luxury and options together for timepieces is a concept that is right on time. The decision to begin any luxury collection is not a light one and the ability to still have options is irreplaceable.  What is the fun in having something very nice and very expensive that you either no longer like, are tired of, or just does not connect any longer to your personal style.  The truth is we change with time and position and making an investment that allows you to explore these changes can never be a bad thing.  For those new or old to watches, what better way is there to really decide if you want to keep something or find the perfect match to an important occasion than getting some real hands on time with the timepiece?  Hands on experience with luxury timepieces give all of the insight without the loss that comes with making the wrong decision for you.  With great benefits and outstanding luxury watches, Eleven James is making a bold statement in not just men’s style but their lifestyle as well.  If you want more information on the great watches included in the membership Click Here or check out their 11J Look Book.


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