Embracing the miraculous nature of your life with Ron Bell and Oprah

Live The Life You Want Weekend, MiamiIn and out, in and out. It is something we do every day but rarely really think about.  It’s our breath and everyday our lungs inhaling happen without much ado.  The truth is, however, even something as simple as breathe is a reminder of just what a miracle our existence is.   At the Life You Want Weekend, Pastor Ron Bell shared his secret on embracing life out of the spirit of gratitude for all around us, down to our daily breathes that make life possible.

Resetting your perspective with gratitudeRon Bell’s secret to embracing life really resets the tone of life apart from much of the general expectations that can lead on the dark road to despair.  Despair happens when we lose site that any day everything can change because everyday miracles do happen.  Without being present in everyday miracles all around us it is easy to hold our breath waiting for the big one.  Waiting for the big hit at the lotto for instance or for all our problems to just up and go away.  When that big payoff we are expecting does not happen it starts to take on the expectation that every day will be just another version of today and change our hope into despair.  A focus gratitude, however, allows the silver lining to start to shine through.  Instead of worrying about something like a flat tire you become grateful you have a car.  With that perspective you can focus on the small things that demonstrate just what a miracle the gift of another day really is and all the miracles that can come your way when you are open to seeing them.

Doubt that embracing the miracle of life could really be that simple? Well try out this simple exercise and see if can shine some light on your own miraculous life.  Think of the three events that most shaped you as a person.  Now think of how that change from who you were to who you are happened.  Whether it was gradual or sudden that transformation is in and of itself miraculous because without those events your life could be totally different.  Appreciating things, even the small things helps believing in the transformation so much you can actually surrender to the process so you can recognize the greatness in life and in yourself.



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