Electronics Addiction – iPad Mini Review

IMG_2609I have always been a big fan of the next new big thing when it comes to technology.  For this reason I usually stay pretty up to date on my iPhone and even iPad updates.  But when the iPad mini came out I thought, well why would I need the hybrid between my phone and my iPad.  My whole reasoning behind purchasing the iPad was to allow me to do things with a larger screen than I could with my phone.  So even for a tech junkie like me, I pretty much ignored all the iPad mini hype that was out, content with the shortcut of a laptop I found in my iPad.

Then there was the day that things changed.  As a law student and business owner I typically travelled with my laptop and iPad when I traveled.  One to do actual work and the other to have access to email, accounts, and of course any apps I use in business.  After graduation, however, I decided to take a genuine vacation, sun, fun, Miami, the whole nine.  And what is a good vacation without abiding by the first rule: NO WORK!  My plan… hit the beach.  After an amazing nap I wake up and see my friend reading a book with her iPad mini.  Well that is pretty convenient to bring out here, thinner, lighter, smaller than my iPad.  But still the question before I buy is if it is different enough from what I already have?

Well after watching her on the beach I had the bug and after the summer of using my iPad mini the answer is a resounding YES!!!!  The fact that it is thinner and lighter did not sound like a big deal but in use in my life it is a very big deal.  The iPad mini fits in almost any bag, including my purse without adding a ton of weight to my shoulder.  This size also helps when it comes to actually using it to read books because you can hold it in your hand.  Even when I set out to get a tablet computer, they all lacked the option of adding a wireless plan, just Wi-Fi connections.  I prefer to have a dedicated cellular plan and it has been a lifesaver many a time when the phone power gives out on me, I still have another option.  We will not get started on how invaluable it has been for studying for the bar…LIFESAVER!!!!  All in all a great decision as far as my iPad mini purchase!

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