DTI Lesson 4 – Taking your style on the road

imageI know that when choosing traveling in comfort or in style a lot of people choose comfort hands down.  There is nothing really stylish about sitting in a small uncomfortable seat surrounded by strangers for hours.  The comfort movement has taken people from wearing dresses and slacks when they travel to work out clothes.  For me the transition is a little too drastic.  Aside from my personal belief of wearing workout clothes only if you actually work out and usually when you are actually doing so, there can be a happy medium between being comfortable and being stylish when you travel.  Having a little structure in your clothes don’t have to necessarily take away from the comfort and let’s be honest, there are all things about our body shape that we may not want to emphasis in super tight clothing.  Plus you never know when opportunity will strike and being your best, comfortable self at the airport ensures you are always prepared and are ready to hit the road whenever you land.

The key for me when traveling is to start with some basics and add layers.  Planes are innately cold to me so I always need a jacket or something warm on the plane.  Wearing the piece you choose to do so also relieves some packing space if you can wear it instead of carrying it (this goes for shoes too).  An added bonus is it lets you regulate the temperature from your point departure and arrival city.  For my most recent trip I choose to start pretty simple.  By sticking with all black leggings and top I knew I would be comfortable and can quickly add small easy accessories to dress up the look.

After heading out in my casual look I dressed it up a little by adding a nice sweater.  The design is reminiscent of a sweater dress and it lets me pull off a couple of different looks and keep warm.  I decided to travel in UGGS mainly because of the plane temperature but they are also really comfortable. Not to mention they are a monster to try to fit in my suitcase. The germaphobe in me hates taking my shoes off and walking on my bare feet during security.  Adding the sweater alone dresses the look up externally while giving me the same underlying comfort I began with.

Finally once I landed in DC I was ready to head to dinner.  I dressed up my look by adding a belt and boots and was ready for a night out.  It turns out I was a lot warmer in DC but fortunately by keeping it simple I could remove the jacket and still kept the look pretty trendy with all black and a cool pair of boots.  All in all I think it was a good balance of comfort and style that quickly took me through three very different looks and environments.

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