DTI Lesson 3 – Sensible Splurging

As a self-proclaimed fasionista it is sometimes hard for me to resist committing to an item of clothing that I love.  Of course the reality is that with an eleven year old, student loans and a mortgage, staying on my budget is important.  Dare I say even more important to my sanity then a new piece of clothing?  Hence the problem in finding something you love and holding fast in your budget.  This does not consider that my strong will is often trumped by a good sale.  Some of your favs may not make it to the sale, however, so you have to carefully balance your love for an item with how it fits in your budget and how much you would regret not purchasing the item.

I recently attended the Neiman Marcus CUSP event at the Houston Galleria and it presented a perfect opportunity to put this careful balancing act in practice.  First on my list in considering a purchase is how often I will wear it, then how it incorporates into my existing wardrobe and finally the price.  Some items speak to my soul, but if I can only really wear it once or twice a year I have to appropriate accordingly for my budget.

Whte Theory DressThe perfect example of the love scale is this Theory Ribbed Knit Dress.  I love knit and the fit looks impeccable so it gets high marks on the love scale.  When I balance that with how often I will really wear a knit white dress I decide to keep looking.



Next these Theory Timba Polished Slim Pants caught my eye.  Getting to know designers you like helps out as you can easily feel comfortable with the quality and ultimate value of the designer.  Black PantsI can’t speak highly enough of the versatility of a good fitting pair of black pants.  They can take you from day to night in a matter of seconds.  Despite the high marks for versatility, it does not fair as well when I think about what I already have.  I have a lot of black pants so to add a new pair they really have to be distinctly different or a price I can’t walk away from without some major regret.  As these pants, although nice, or neither of my requirements I keep looking.

Finally I looked at this Rebecca Taylor Ribbed Peplum Sweater.  Rebecca Taylor SweaterAgain it speaks to my love of knits.  The peplum is still in style and it works to really accentuate (or create) a waist and can work to cover hips or a butt.  Altogether it rates equally high as the dress on the love scale.  It is also around the same price, however, unlike the dress this shirt has endless possibilities.  It can be work with slacks or with jeans and the neutral color really helps focus on shape and give the option to add variation with a wide array of jewelry.  I don’t have another shirt I can directly compare to this shirt so it has a specific and distinct purpose in my closet.  The versatility of the shirt makes it a winner for me and I can commit knowing I stuck to my budget and made a smart purchase I will get lots of use out of.

Sale FlyerLuckily Neiman Marcus has all of the items an extra 25% off until tomorrow so maybe there is some sense to getting the dress afterall…

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