DTI Lesson 1 – Choosing your statement piece

[slideshow_deploy id=’222′]Lesson One: Choosing your statement piece

In most instances when considering your wardrobe I think it is wise to build a good foundation of flexible pieces you can use in a wide array of situations.  As I recently attended the Luxury Fashion Show for the 2013 Houston Simon Fashion Now, however, I began to think of the decoration instead of the base of the style cupcake you design.  Although everyone wants a delicious cake, our eyes are often drawn to the one with the best decoration.  For many, especially those of us on a budget or just starting off in a new profession, focusing on luxury items may seem just out of reach.  Watching this fall’s high fashion items walk down the runway, however, I am reminded that some of these pieces can add real value to your wardrobe and the impression you can make to your new profession.  A strong purse, brief case, or coat can send a message of confidence, assertiveness, and even give some insight into your personality outside of work.  Max Mara out did themselves with some of the timeless styles they presented as well as some show stoppers from Fendi and Jimmy Choo.  Even when paired with a dress from Zara or Banana Republic the overall look some of the signature pieces can add is incomparable.

I know some wish these things don’t matter but finding the right balance of expression can really help in building some important networks.  To be sure, statement pieces are an investment and over the years I have picked up some guidelines that assist me in choosing pieces that have stood the test of time.

  • Make sure the piece has some classic components.  With every new season that comes out, designer puts out new trends that speak to the fashion of the time.  Unless you have the budget flexibility to do a wardrobe refresh every couple of years thought targeting these items can be a mistake.  Choose statement pieces that have components you will still like years after the initial component.  This means stick with shapes that are modest and can move to the natural changes you will have in your identity.  Trendy can work as long as some parts of the piece can carry your through one trend to the next.
  • Focus on what moves you.  When making an investment in fashion a statement piece can really be used to show your own personal taste.  It may be the pop of color in an otherwise monochromic existence or a more classic piece in a wardrobe normally based on fun.  An easy way to make sure it is an expression of you is to describe the piece.  Can some of the ways you described the piece alternatively be used to be describe who you are and who you are trying to represent to the world (i.e. classic, fun, modern)?
  • Put the expense in context.  Budgeting is too important not to consider.  The piece you buy should fit into what you can afford in a given time period.  Buying a trendy $100 coat every year is comparable to buying a really nice coat once that will stand the test of time.  Be mindful that sometimes a sole focus on price may not pay off in the long term if the quality is not there.

For more inspiration on a signature piece that expresses who you are check out the weekend schedule at the 2013 Simon Fashion Now Houston.

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