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Saturday rolls around and for many of us it means the end of a long work week and a time to scratch some personal items off of our To Do List.  As it is a day where you don’t have to worry about dress codes it can also turn into the day you put the least amount of effort and energy into your attire.  Honestly, who sits out and plans a stylish outfit for a day of running errands????  Well, despite the appealing thought of making a day running errands in your bum attire your number one choice, why settle for bumming on a day you can really express your style?  A day without work is also a day full of possibilities.  Not only can you knock off some errands you can make sure you dress for other opportunities to do things you did not anticipate.  Perhaps catching brunch with friends or wandering into an art gallery… casual can absolutely still be chic!

I am a reformed bum myself when it comes to Saturday attire.  I was quick to throw on a jump suit so I can get my errand running in gear.  I found, however, that in doing so I limited my day to just running errands and then having to go home to regroup.  Once I get back home it makes leaving far less appealing then when I am ripping and running.  When something did pop up that I was interested in doing next my attire always resulted in me opting out.  On top of that it is equally easy and comfortable to choose an option that is causal but also makes your outfit appropriate for most situations.  Last Saturday I choose a pair of stretch pants and a nice sweater and in the same time it would take to pull up my sweat suit I was able to hop from the bank, to work, to lunch with my mom, and to the movies seamlessly.  Who says you can’t be a knock out while knocking out a to do list?

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