Dress to Impress: Navy Spotlight

Dress to Impress Navy LoveIn business navy is heralded as a power color.  Navy is neutral enough to be flexible in matching any occasion, but provides a little more color and variation then sticking with your basic black.  Outside of the boardroom, however, navy blue is still a power color that provides a great balance of lightness with a stellar foundation that you can base for countless colors and styles.  Last week, before I noticed it, I was pulling out navy over and over and over again and got a lot of wear and variation in this base color.

To start off the week I headed to the Loft Heineken Friends and Family event.  The event showcased some great artist and local trendsetters in pairing with some new and old offerings from Heineken.  To fit the event I wanted to be up for the artsy occasion while balancing with the need to pull out some sophistication required when not completely sure what the proper attire is.  My striped navy and white multi-tie dress offers a lot of variation in style that can be quickly adjusted upon arrival to best match the occasion.  In choosing a top tie and wrap for the top I could pull from the draped skirt to a produce some balance with the edgy tie on the top.

As I prepared for meetings later in the week, a great navy crop jacket took the lead role in balancing roles.  Of course it is important in a business meeting to be professional, but in Houston you cannot ignore the heat either.  Cropped jackets strike this business balance and also provide an illusion of a smaller waist when paired with contrasting colors.  You still get the visual impact navy is known for as a color but in a more youthful and chic modification.

Finally in balancing a light work day with my social calendar I chose a simple navy wrap dress to seal the deal.  Wrap dresses do a great job at accentuating (or creating) an hour glass figure.  In choosing the right style and materials you are certain to grab something that can last the entire eight hours of a work and the following hours of your play in your day.  As the dress was one solid color I mixed up the night attire by adding some fun shoes.  The basic color of navy can really come to life when you turn the conservative background of navy to develop something that convers from day time to night time in a snap.

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