Dreaming of your wedding dress?

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I have never been the little girl who always dreamed about my wedding.   I am the type of person, however, who enjoys the idea of a day focused around love, commitment, fun, celebration, oh and yes of course me!  No matter how long you have spent day dreaming about the big day, one thing is for sure, the dress best symbolizes whatever you desire is your wedding day.  Whether that feeling is traditional or romantic or elegant, the dress is likely to embody of all the dreams and expectations that the day carries.  As your dream is unique to you, so should your day and your dress. So on a day where the dress is the star, how can you find one that makes you shine the brightest???  I think the answer lies in making the dress a reflection of the best of you and your love.  As every love is different, so should every dress, making customizing your dress to fit your dream is critical.  A new and innovative voice in wedding fashion, Isabelle Armstrong, has stepped on the scene to address the unique needs of choosing a perfect wedding dress.  I had the great pleasure of being able to speak to the owner Tara Nattini and lead designer Johanna Kraft of Isabelle Armstrong, a wedding dress company, that really work to personify you on your special day.

So what makes Isabelle Armstrong so special??  Well the designs are beautiful and the fabrics are exquisite but that is not what makes them different.  As a busy professional time and stress are always an issue and weddings can throw a normal life into chaos.  For an already busy life this could spell disaster.  Usually wedding planning is sandwiched between work and personal demands that do not go away. You may not have the time to transform into a dress designer and guiding you into the right dress and adding or subtracting your preferences makes the difficult road a little easier. Isabelle Armstrong works to help you build a dress that embodies your special day.  You can start with a dream and leave the details to the designers at Isabelle Armstrong.

Isabelle Armstrong’s dress collection covers a broad spectrum of styles from classic to eclectic with a refreshing blend that keeps their collection modern.  The owner and designer are passionate about not mass producing dress in foreign factories, but providing a creative line here in the US with a broad range of options that women want.  In speaking with the owners I got a real sense of the passion they put into breathing the spirit of each individual wedding into their brides.  It means you have a partner to take one of the most stressful items off of your plate when planning a wedding and to do the leg work to make the dress custom to you.  This personal commitment is visible in the care given in assisting brides to make the dress something out of their dreams instead of nightmares.  With a process of selection that can include everything from consultations to sketching alterations Isabelle Armstrongis gearing up to become the go to designer for brides who want their own style to showcase on their special day.

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