Dinner for One

So it happens to everyone, your off and ready for some R & R but not one of your friends is available.  So what now????  Do you just go home and work on your couch potato skills? Heck no!  It’s been a long day and you deserve some delicious food and relaxing libations.  The concern normally is the stigma that comes along with eating along.  Changing the perception of the lonely table for one can happen quickly once you take advantge of some of the benefits of eating alone.  When done right, eating alone can be awesome.  First off it provides the ability to people watch.  When you remove the distraction of conversation you really get a chance to enjoy the environment and the interactions of your co-diners.  It is like turning on an old school silent movie.  You can fill in the blanks to the conversation or just read the body language to see what is in between the lines in a conversation.  Being close enough to hear is even better for me.  I am admittedly super nosy and relish tuning into to someone else’s channel.  Conversations about politics, religion, love, hate, career, and more provide me with the theatrical version of Reality TV.

For those who are a little less nosy sitting at the bar always provides some interesting conversation if you are blessed with a good bartender.  Bartenders (at least the good ones) are experienced conservationist.  Typically they are easy to talk to and a simple conversation with your bartender flows easily to talking to others sitting at the bar.  Talking with a group of strangers provides the potential to have fun, honest, agenda free conversation.  As an added bonus you never know where things can lead, it may present an opportunity to make a new friend or something more.  With a smile planted on your face and by being alone I find people are eager or at the very least receptive to starting a conversation.  Even if it does not change your life it definitely counts as company.  You never know where things lead and the right conversation can start you on a path to a new friend, job, or even love.

For me, tonight the lobster tacos at Eddie V’s would have been company enough.  But when added with the drinks and people watching it made for a great night.

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