Dining in Sydney: Delicious finds in the Outback

O Bar Birthday Plum SoufleeThe international food scene can be tricky.  Honestly its partially because as Americans we have been spoiled on the have it your way philosophy.  While at home it is our expectation that if we see something on the menu that we don’t like or is not perfectly suited for us then we can just request a change and voila, we have the perfect customized meal for us.  I found out on my first trip to Paris that philosophy can be lost in different countries.  On the bright side when traveling to Sydney, there are a lot of food parallels between American cuisine and that of Sydney.  While there are certainly many safe roads you can take on your cuisine tour of the country, there are also ample possibilities to try something new and things that are regional to the Australia area.

Appetito PizzaOne of the biggest surprises I found when eating around in Sydney is the large Italian influence in the country.  My tour guide informed me that Italians were the second largest ethnic group in the country.  I should have had a clue when I saw gelato shops almost on every concern in tourist areas (this is a must try while in Sydney!)  I was able to find some wonderful Italian food while visiting with my top spot going to Appetito.  Located in the Rocks area this quaint restaurant offered Italian fare that for me seemed pretty authentic.  With fresh made pastas and sausages and hot out of the oven pizzas I was in seventh heaven during my meals at the restaurant.  For sure comparatively eating in Sydney is on the pricy side, but every bite I had at Appetito was well worth it.  Appetito Table Starters Appetito SaladFrom a beginning salad to a delicious pizza to even the biscotti we could barely slow down enough for a mutual smile you give to another foodie when you have just discovered food nirvana.  For those wanting more on the traditional American take on Italian cuisine Appetito to is a great place to take small steps in expanding your horizon.   With fresh seafood prominent on the menu and the handmade pasta you take one step closer to the simple ingredients and strong flavor profiles Italian cuisine is known for!

Italian food was definitely the majority for me when it came to finding a restaurant whose menu spoke to me, grabbing some great pasta and pizza in the Rocks, Central Business District, and Darling Harbour areas, however, there are also some impeccable fine dining options around Sydney.  O Bar SteakFor me bar none the most important component when searching was the view.  In a city surrounded by water, getting a Birdseye view of what the city had to offer was important.  I also wanted to dive into some of the more authentic flavors of Sydney.  I found my perfect match at The O Bar in Sydney.  This rotating restaurant is located at the top of Sydney’s tallest office buildings.  The 360 degree view was amazing and contemporary cuisine carefully balances flavor with a contemporary vibe.  With me diving feet first into the glazed spiced pork and my daughter gleefully indulging in the grain fed short rib it made for a great birthday dinner.  With the dinner wrapping with a birthday plum soufflé the O’Bar certainly made it a night to remember.

Roasted corn at the Rocks Market Monet cupcakes at the Rocks Market Australian Breakfast at the WestinFrom kangaroo to emu the meats in Australia certainly can offer a taste of something new for the American palette.  I still found comfort in something that I made an easy connection with though, their seafood.  From lobster rolls to fresh fish fillets I found their surf and turf selections to be top notch.  If you are visiting Bondi beach Icebergs is a great place to still enjoy the beach and catch some fresh tastes of Sydney.

Window view from Icebreakers

Window view from Icebreakers

So whether you are on the more exotic with ostrich and kangaroo on the menu on just want an Australian twist on some comfort food favorites Sydney is a great place to get out there and try out what Australia has to offer.Monet cupcakes at the Rocks Market

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