Deciding when to say f-it, and proceed just for you

Middle fingerGuess who’s back. After months of not posting on my blog I have followed the call to return to the world of blogging. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to make this journey on this blog because, as with many walks down reality lane, blogging wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I started off on the path blessed to have a really great blogging mentor to look up to. I thought I would start posting and before long be a super big blogger, flying all over the world and only having to drop a line to have doors swing wide open for me. The reality was that blogging is super hard work. It requires commitment, discipline, and a willingness to risk a very public failure if it doesn’t pop off like you hope it will. Coupling that with a stupid web hosting company I cannot escape from and a mysterious reason why Google won’t index my blog I reached my maximum frustration level. I thought that follow others suggestions to just stop or find a different domain was the best idea.   I struggled with this idea for months and today while watching The Voice a kid reminded me of something that I lost in translation of trying to have a successful blog: Following your passion is a reward in itself.

Up at midnight on a Monday night it dawned on me that following your passion is not easy and the rewards may not come from where you expected. If my expectation was to start writing a blog and get paid in money and clothes for my opinion then I struck out. But if I blog because I love to write and want to share the real life struggles, lessons, laughs, and adventures of my world then whether 1 person reads it or 100,000 I have already won. Life often deals us cards that seem the exact opposite of what we expect and at this point it is the opportunity to pull out the f-it card. If you aren’t doing it because it’s a passion that makes you better than by all means stop, but if the opposite is true whether others love it or hate it – F-IT! Do it because you love it and leave the rest of the angst and expectation at the door. My life is full of challenges of being a mom and working and thinking and praying and a million other things not unlike people across the globe. In this blog I hope to share my life in its fun and thoughtful moments as an inspiration to others facing the same challenges of not just making it through life but on really enjoying it to the fullest. It is not for money or fame just because I like to write and I like to share. If you are new I hope you enjoy and if you are not new thank you for reading and if you hate my post and wish you could get the 3 minutes of your life it took to read it back well then F-It and have a nice one.

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