Davis St. bringing Fine Dining to Hermann Park

Me in Davis StEvery once in a while something comes a long that not just meets a need but also surpasses expectations.  Davis St. came in right on time to fill the fine dining void there has been in Houston’s museum district and Third Ward.  Not only does Davis St. give the neighborhood something it was missing in fine dining, it also delivers great food and ambiance that will wet the appetite of the whole city.  Located in the Mosaic towers, one of the great luxury living locations in the area, the restaurant puts New American cuisine on the map with interesting twist on new and old dishes alike.Davis St digital tabletop Davis St Cocktails Davis St Chandaleir

IMG_9143 Davis St Red Fish IMG_9139





Although I have had my eye restaurant for a while, it wasn’t until my dinner plans lead me to a restaurant closed on a Monday night that I stepped in the door of Davis St. By pulling from the urban elegance of the Mosaic, the décor of the restaurant is sleek but with pops of the signature green all around.  I was like a kid in a candy store walking in with my eyes dancing between the fun lounge chairs, a statuesque bar, and digital screen table (where you can check out the menu and play a quick game of checkers or chess).

At my seat I really found myself at a loss for words when it was time to order.  Too many wonderful choices on the menu on and only one belly to fill with them!!! Crab cakes or fondue or buffalo chicken spring rolls had my mind spinning but despite the temptation I decided to skip appetizers and go straight to main course.  I could not have made a better decision.  No appetizer means I had more space to clean my plate with my order of Crispy Red Snapper.  With perfectly crispy skin sandwiching a plum piece of red fish all on top of dirty rice I was one happy camper.  Add a side of Brussel sprouts and this is the type of meal you fight over when people ask you for a taste.   To ensure I would be completely addicted we finished the meal with a Brownie Waffle S’more.  With every bite I got the sweet treat of my favorite part of the brownie (the crust) partnered with marshmallows.  SINFUL!!!!!  The entire meal was so great I had to ask to speak to the chef just to shake his hand.  With the winning combo of fantastic food, service, atmosphere and location I am sure that Davis St. is going to be on the map for a long time.








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