Darling Harbor Sydney: Four adventures in one

IMG_1326Located just off of the Central Business District in Sydney there is a wealth of activities perfect for a family day of fun at the Darling Harbour.  The harbor offers both water based activities like dinner cruises, speed boat tours, and shows and a range of activities on land to suit a wide assortment of preferences.  It’s like a one stop shop of tourism as within steps you can see the Seal Life Sydney Aquarium, the Wild Life Sydney Zoo, the Sydney Tower Eye and Madame Tussands wax museum.

Shark Education at the Sydney Aquarium Exotic Fish at the Sydney Aquarium Petting Tank at the Sydney Aquarium Sting rays at the Sydney Aquarium Stingray tank at the Sydney Aquarium Penguins at the Sydney AquariumOur first stop was the Sydney Aquarium as a culture so closely connected to water surely must have some great sea life experiences.  Indeed the aquarium offers a great tour of some of the animals that inhabit the waters around Sydney.  The experience is set up as almost a self-guided tour as you follow a specific path to tour all of the animal attractions.  IMG_1312For me nothing can top being literally surrounded by sharks, fish, and even dugongs so I loved the extensive walk in aquarium feel.  As my daughter is a little more hands on activities such as the stingray tank were a little more her speed.  The aquarium is big enough to see a wide range of sea life but manageable enough so you are still ready for more as you have your choice of views of wildlife, celebrities or just an aerial view from the top.

Madame Tussands (10) Madame Tussands (9) Madame Tussands (2) Madame Tussands (4) Madame Tussands (5) Madame Tussands (7) Madame Tussands (8) Madame Tussands (6)My next stop was actually not my first pick so to my surprise had a great time at the Madame Tussands Sydney.  In my mind a wax museum is a place where you go to take pictures with the likeness of famous people.  In reality it is a chance to put yourself in some of your favorite movies or events and like any other museum have an opportunity to learn more about events in history.  Between royalty, Audrey Hepburn, and Grease scenes my imagination let loose and I was a happy camper.  I was particularly impressed with the story that was told about the Aboriginal people who were native to Australia.  Madame Tussands (3)Throughout the museum they had statutes that explained their history, told through the life story of critical figures within their struggle for independence that came with many native people when their land was “discovered” giving a more realistic spin to the fantasy created in wax at Madame Tussands.

For us with two attractions under our belt we had to tap out and look for dinner.  Watching the sun set on the water after a busy day of getting a taste of Australia is a fantastic end to a fun filled day.  You can tap out after two or attempt to tackle all four events.  Passes and internet discounts lets you have the experience your ways with passes for all the sister attractions only costing about $14 per event when you buy them together.



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