Cure for your morning blues?

I really do hate waking up early in the morning. I am naturally a night person so my bedtime is usually around 1 am. When 6:30 rolls around my dread sets in. My alarm begins its cycle of songs to start my wake up process. Yes it is definitely a process. Starting slow with me electing a couple of snooze options and then a sluggish move from tossing around in my bed to sitting up to plan my day (truthfully just a stall tactic), and finally to planting my feet on the ground the get the day moving. But the pace is still pokey to say the least. So what is the cure?? For a lot of people coffee is the mandatory source of the pep in their step. I am not a coffee drinker so I miss that jump start but I understand I need something to cure the morning time blues.

At this point I am open to anything that helps me hit the ground running. A couple of times a week I switch up my routine and use exercise as my morning wake me up. Now this is not a full work up because I usually have some time restraints (again I hate waking up early). For now I use the Just Dance 4 work out option. Why is this a winner for me?
• First, once you get moving you can really get moving. At the beginning I am definitely forcing myself through it. But forcing my body to commit to the work out helps my brain change its pace from the tortoise like to closer to the hare.
• Second it’s short. I usually choose the 10 minute option. That gives me just enough time to get moving and a small sweat but not enough that after a 10 hour day I regret it. I do think exercise is a great energy boost and I would argue it has a better effect as a morning cup of coffee.
• Finally, it’s fun!!! They have a lot of options that provide different themes and music choices. It’s a game after all so it is entertaining. Honestly having to learn a dance routine on the spot is a bit of a mental challenge when you are still sleepy so yet another reason your brain gets moving. If nothing else your body is moving to music you enjoy and moves that challenge you.

All in all it has been pretty effective. Maybe not to help me actually wake up but definitely to speed me up once I am out of the bed. So what do you use as your morning pick me up?

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