Culinary Carnival Recap

Ballon helmetsWho doesn’t like a good carnival???? There is something about the mix of clowns, games, entertainment and cotton candy that brings out the kid in almost anyone.  Sunday’s First Annual Culinary Carnival  meet and surpassed all of the youthful fun expectations I had in going to a carnival and added a grown up twist with cosmic cocktails.   Sword fightAt first step into Eleven: Eleven this weekend you stepped into a tented spectacle where everyone, from the food vendors to bartenders, were on and ready to perform.


Cupcakes on a stick Bacon on a stick Two balls please Pork Belly on a stick Lobster Corndogs 2 Gumbo on a stickThe food was the first stop, as you would expect in any carnival, was food on a stick.  The twist was the nimble balances between fun and sophistication all the chefs delivered in their creations.  The food challenge: to take ingredients from bacon to pork belly to lobster and make them a reflection of the kid at heart vibe the event centered around.  With delicious bites available like gumbo on a stick, lobster corndogs, and chocolate covered bacon competing for the title of best bites you got bites of the things you loved as a kid with a great grown up spin on them.

Cocktail Competition 3 Cocktail Competition 2 Batenders 1 Bartenders 2 BartendersNow the food was all fun and games, however, the drinks set the tone for a real adult playground.  The cities best bartenders did some wondrous things on the cocktail version of chopped.  Out of a selection of ingredients that ranged from classic to a little bit strange the mixologists delivered some adult beverages you would be hard pressed to find again.  After I ran a round of ice cream shots and adult snow cones I began turning back the hands of time at each station.  Adult Snowcone 2Somewhere between the spray tattoo and salsa dancing I lost sight of who was the kid after all.  Each game stop or game I played encouraged this transition as I rejoiced in my spin of the bowling ball climb and pouted over my loss at the arrow target game.

Games games 3 Games 2

So at the end of it after a long battle with my daughter with our new balloon swords and helmets, eating and drinking until I could no more, playing games, dancing and even being captured by the carnie folks Carnival was an incredible Saturday that gave me a whole new way to relate to my daughter and back to the child within.  The fun of the event really shone a light on a really great cause, the PULSE young professional group of St. Luke’s Hospital and was a great reminder of the wonderful things that can happen when giving is at the heart of any event.

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