Cooking classes that turn up the heat to romance: An Evening in Paris Date night at Sur La Table

Chocholate and wine are the perfect way to end the nightA romantic date in Paris is out of grasp for most of us on a regular weekend night, but you can still infuse the food, laughter, and intimacy you could find there on a romantic date night with the date night cooking series with Sur La Table. Sur La Table is distinguished as a culinary wonderland, however they are much more than cooking gadgets and high end pots.  The store and their hands on instructional cooking class serves as an inspiration point to novices and pros alike in their exploration of cooking.   Their cooking classes offer a great chance to get the instructional guidance that you can’t find by watching your favorite cooking show but in an environment where you are comfortable with friends or loved ones as you start on your culinary exploration.

Date Night in Paris at Sur La Table (5) Date Night in Paris at Sur La Table (2)Over the weekend I enjoyed one of the date night series “An Evening in Paris” and had not only a great time, but a great meal to boot. A great date night offers a break away from the regular pattern of daily living and gives an opportunity to see someone in a whole new light or shine up some of the attractive characteristics that become with dull with time and lack of attention.  Cooking is something most people have to do pretty regularly and it can become something that becomes more of a chore where speed is your main concern.  Cooking, however, can not only be fun, but can also be a real chance to share and bond with your significant others or friends.  The class offers a community cooking approach, so all of the work load is not all on one person, so you have a chance to both actively participate in your meal but also sit back and take in some of the tips and tricks that the chef offers through the process.

Date Night in Paris at Sur La Table (10) Date Night in Paris at Sur La Table (9) Date Night in Paris at Sur La Table (8) Date Night in Paris at Sur La Table (7) Date Night in Paris at Sur La Table (11)With an opportunity to bring your own wine or beer you start off in class relaxed and ready to have some fun and really enjoy the experience. Unlike a lot of classes you have to take in life, being a great pupil at these classes means a great reward… an awesome meal at the end of the night!!!  Between the stirring and pouring and chopping not only do you feel closer to who you came with, but also to your classmates who have shared in the experience with you.  Regardless of your cooking skills before coming both the chef instructor and other attendees have some awesome pointers to help you make your meal your own and prove the point that cooking may not be as challenging as it can look.  With the cooking done and the wine poured you slow down to enjoy your meal and company in something you were able to get done together.  The newness of the experience and the ingredients and the meal all take you away from the mundane to make it something really special, so while Paris it’s not, it still can end up being a romantic reawakening.  Not only can it spike your enthusiasm for cooking new things away from class but also exploring new ways to connect in your relationship!






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