Chic Sighting – Emporium DNA in Washington DC

IMG_7317My life is usually a constant balance between the creative sides of my Pisces nature and the business side required to command a more professional look.  Finding clothes that can balance both of these personas can be a challenge to say the least but upon stepping in Emporium DNA on a visit to Washington DC I instantly felt like I met my fashion mecca.

Emporium DNA racks 2 Emporium DNA racks 1 Emporium DNA racks 4 Emporium DNA Racks 3 Emporium DNA Handbag GalleryAs I am firm believer that fashion is really an extension of our own personal style and shape I rate a boutique highly if their own fashion sense comes across fluidly as it speaks to you in every corner in the store.  Emporium DNA started off chic as I stepped in the door.  As I explored the boutique I found items on point with fashion trends but with unique twist and fabrics and designs that linked it to a woman who wears the clothes, not lets the clothes wear her.  Fun finds surrounded me and promised I had definitely reached a day were I was going to bust the budget.  The looks from pieces around the store took me away to the fashionable streets of Paris, to the urban funk of New York and right back to the professional swag that pounds the pavement in DC.  I found jackets I could rock with jeans or slacks and skirts I could take from day to night with ease.  Each way giving me another nugget in my mix and match madness at home that drives my closet selections.  From leather crop tops to flowing maxi skirts there is a little something for everyone at the store that not only speaks to their style, whether bohemian, business, conservative, or funky.  The store gives a twist on what it really means to be fashionable that makes it just a little fresher than something you can find at a more cookie cutter store.

Emporium DNA Handbag spotlight Emporium DNA shoesOn top of the great styles and dashing atmosphere the staff was simply amazing.  All warm and friendly and ready to help you find things you did not even know you were looking for.  I initially was smitten with the style knowledge of Assistant Manager Jared at their brother store G-Star Raw.  The same great product knowledge and great advice for personal shape and style was found at Emporium DNA!  When great clothes comes with service with a smile then who can beat that????  If you are on the search for designer clothes with a fresh new spin to tackle your own personal style then Emporium DNA is the store for you.

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