Chic Seperates by Chloe Dao

Chloe Dao seperatesEver feel like your style is a strange mix of business in the front and party in the back?  As a young professional I struggle between a style that is fun and flirty and one that screams boss lady and the truth is I want both.  Finding this balance can be hard though and it is one of my top reasons to love Chloe Dao.  Local designer and Project Runway winner Chloe Dao offers you the unique experience of stepping in the store and both sides of your style personality instantly finding something you love.  From every direction you see something that would work perfectly for the hard work and harder play you have on your schedule.  This season’s new releases literally made me drop my jaw as it fit both fun and work all in one genius stroke.

For this season Chloe Dao made a limited release of a high waisted skirt and crop top in a bold and fun geographic print.  Separates set the perfect tone for a fun blend of business and pleasure.  Both pieces pack some major heat in accentuating your silhouette.  Of course high waisted skirts can be all about highlighting and hugging a woman’s curves.  By adding a belt or contrasting color skirt you can do even more in focusing on the ebbs and flow of your shape.  The silhouette possibilities are enhanced by the choice to make it separates.  Having two separate pieces give the opportunity to repurpose the pieces depending on the setting and your mood.  The original pairing is fun and the peekaboo midriff pumps up the sexy factor.  From the original pairing the possibilities are endless.  You can make it more conservative by adding a camisole underneath or pump up the fun by substituting the skirt for jeans.  With such a fun geographic print, no matter the setting, business or fun, you can still make sure the look is unique.  The strength of prints is that they offer a strong visual impact that can provide a small optical illusion that assist in forgiving minor shape issues.  At the end of the day it does what any wardrobe does at its best, expresses your style while making you look great while doing it.  This look is in limited supply so make sure to check it out at Chloe Dao.

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