Making solo fun contagious

IMG_0634It’s is funny that fun is really contagious.  When you start having a good time, sometimes people cannot help but join in and that makes it one of the best ways to meet people, especially when you are all by yourself.  I found myself flying solo at Tootsie’s Love in Fashion even on Wednesday.  Of course the fashions were fierce and the treats were outstanding, but sometimes flying solo can cut down on some of the experience in a fashion event.  Luckily I try to be all about fun wherever I go and I cannot walk into a store as fabulous as Tootsie’s without getting hands on with things that catch my eye.  For this trip up front and as alluring as ever was their hat selection.  From small fascinators to large showstoppers Tootsie’s is the place to grab a hat that makes a statement.  Especially with Derby parties on the horizon I figured I would step in and try a few on.

IMG_0617 IMG_0591Like Lay’s Potato chips I found that once I started trying the hats on I could not try on just one.  As I moved from hat to hat and in between my selfie obsession I realized that I was actually in a store where other people could see my shenanigans.  Instead of people wondering what was going on, I got people wanting to join in on the fun!!  As we went hat to hat trying to find ones that were more outrageous than the previous, it became second nature to make fast friends with my new fellow hat models.   It was a great reminder that you attract what you give off.   If you are interested in meeting fun people, then being fun yourself should be a part of the formula to do something.  When you open minded to the possibility you realize that few people judge you as harshly as we all sometimes judge ourselves.  By letting our guard down and making a commitment to be ourselves, regardless of the environment, we can meet people who can appreciate us just for who we are.  IMG_0631 IMG_0633 IMG_0632With one small step of things you have in common, other similarities quickly follow, even from those you may think you are worlds apart from.  As for me not only did I have a great time and get some hat inspiration, I was able to change my solo experience to a group one at the drop of a hat.  Adding more fun to a party always makes it a little bit better!

Love’s in Fashion with Tootsies and Dec My Room

Love in Fashion me 2Me and ToroLove was definitely in the air on Wednesday night as Tootsies and Dec My Room as some of the cities hottest couples showed their love for each other and fashion as they took their turns down the runway.  The event effortlessly combined style with fun as guests not only got a sneak peek at some of the fresh spring fashions, they got an early glimpse into the sparks of Valentine’s Day with the couples fun and often loving struts of their fantastic fashions.

The event was a true celebration of love from the love of sweets and treats to fashion all inspired by an organization that is all about the love, Dec My Room.  The organization helps to bring a little bit of normalcy and vibrancy to kids who are hospitalized by giving them the opportunity to shop and decorate their rooms.  The hospital can be a gloomy place and their mission to assist in personalizing their patients rooms helps to bring a daily reminder of who they are and their life outside the hospital.  What better inspiration is there to continue their brave fight than the life they have to live outside of their sickness?


Bite 2 Cardamon 2 Slim Ritas Deep Eddy Vodka Cardamon 5

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The romance of the evening was kicked off in one of the best ways possible to kick off a great night… Libations and confections.  With offerings from Deep Eddy Vodka, Bite Macarons, SlimRitas, and Cacao & Cardamom the show started with everyone feeling the love.  The show was a mix of models in spring fashions as well as some of our cities favorite Philanthropist sweethearts.  Dec My Room MissionWhile the models gave a fierce showing of what is new and hot, the couples really gave them a run for their money.  There is nothing better than seeing a well-dressed couple and the outfit selections were killer.  From slits to backless to cutouts the evening highlighted some great looks to spice up the romance in any relationship.  To match the sexy appeal the ladies offered, the hunks showed just how hot a great suit could be.  With hometown hero’s like Debbie and Roger Clemens, Randi and Johnny Carraba, and Megan and Brian Cushing combining their forces a night of fun and fashion delivered on its promise all for a great cause!

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Day to Night Fashion: using the same focus for two different looks

one skirt two looksWith fashion finding the perfect outfit for an event is hard enough, but trying to do it twice in one day can feel like looking for a four leaf clover.  For me if there is a piece I really love about one part of my outfit, chances are that I am going to try to carry it to the next event too.  With a couple of easy changes in accessories or components you can redefine a look quickly and still get the perfect fit for two very different occasions.

Last weekend I was faced with two events in one day and the challenge was on to make the focus of my outfit, a colorful print skirt, work for two completely different events.  I started in the morning with my Art of Conversation brunch.  For the Art of Conversation events I always like to look responsible enough to be a host but fun enough that people actually want to listen to my input on the conversation.  To do so I decided to balance the colorful, playfulness of the skirt with a solid colored top.  I chose a lace blouse to get the job done, with the solid black color but still a fun lace pattern to balance and still add some edginess to the playful skirt.  To keep the look PG I added a camisole and to add a little spice and to lengthen my legs, I rounded off the look with some peep toe pony hairs Christian Louboutins. With a beautiful day and some great food at Davis St. Restaurant the event was a success and it was on to the next one.

For my night event I faced the challenge of repurposing the skirt I loved for an awards banquet for the Houston Black Real Estate Association.  My goal for the look of the evening was definitely not as lively.  In my opinion if you are not sure what the general attire is toning your look down is never a bad idea. So to balance the skirt I went with a solid print red shirt with an asymmetrical finish.  To deal with the night air I added some black net stockings and because I am still young and fun (at least in my mind) I finished the look with my black leather jacket.  Pulling up a full 13 hours after my day started I was happy to have transformed a look from day to night while keeping it sleek and comfortable all at the same time.


Tearing it up in Turtlenecks

IMG_0288Turtlenecks get a back wrap as Granny gear.  They are synonymous with being old and frumpy and covering up.  Once winter hits, however, there are few better shirt options to protect from the cold and the wind than the sleeve and neck coverage you get in a turtleneck.  With the variety of options in color and styles there is no reason that the turtleneck has to be a fashion faux paus!

My preferred turtleneck style is in a darker color solid.  I love the streamlined look it gives it and it can be paired with other layering pieces like sweaters and jackets with ease. When you choose one solid from chin to hip you also get to elongate the look of everything from your neck to waist.  Although the fit depends on the person, I prefer my fit to be a little snug and give a nod to the curves without making it the feature of the look.  Plus layers are always there if you want to escape the form fit and want to balance the colors with different patterns and shapes.  Accessories are also a great way to jazz up a turtleneck as they are the perfect backdrop for bold statement necklaces and earrings.

With the look being something easily transferrable from casual with jeans to dressy with a skirt and jacket, when the weather drops I make sure they are in my arsenal to beat the chill and put a check next to my look of the day.  Do you think turtlenecks can fit into a fun fashion appetite?


Black on Black for New Year’s – What I wore

IMG_0262When I initially set off to find a New Year’s outfit I had my sights set on something shiny.  But after a quick trip to the mall and my time running short I decided to visit my closet to see what I could put together that was New Year’s worthy.  If it wasn’t’ sparkly at least it could have some shine and so the hunt began.  Although some sparkle is a great way to kick off a celebration of a New Year’s there are other options that are equally festive.  Black Satin is a great direction to go in when you are looking to dress up.   When done right black always makes a statement and the shine adds a dimension of elegance and steps away from the ordinary.  I started with the focus on the bottom as my eyes first settled on this pencil skirt with lace up detailing in the back.  The fabric manages to provide enough give to make sure the skirt hugs every curve and the bunching works to both accentuate those curves but also provide some forgiveness in problem areas like the waist.  The lace up detailing in the back not only gives a great flash back to glamour days of the past it also gives some additional options to make sure the dress fits just the way you want by tightening and loosening the strings as needed. IMG_0240As the skirt was the powerhouse I chose the rest of the outfit as compliments.  The halter top is in a similar shiny black satin material that gave the look of a dress but the flexibility that comes with separates.  Paired with some black ponyhaired Christian Louboutin’s the black on black on black look was complete and I was ready to head out on the town to ring in the New Year.

Weekend sales means the price is right!

The-Sale-Revised_112640With New Year’s resolutions in high gear chances are floating around in the mix is giving yourself a new look for the New Year.  The problem can be, however, after all of that holiday shopping your budget is not as eager as your mind in updating your wardrobe.  Thank goodness for sales that pile up towards the beginning of the year as stores sweep out the old and prepare for the new.  But old to them can be new to you and taking advantage of the sales is a great way to do a little wardrobe updating as well as not break your New Year’s budget.  Here are some great sales on for this weekend that give designer deals galore.

Tootsie sale Jan 2015Tootsies: This landmark River Oaks store always has fashions that high the mark and their sales are no exception.  With prices down as low as 70% of original price this is a sale where being an early bird goes a long way.  With a keen eye and some patience there are some great finds in outstanding designer pieces with prices that cannot be beat.

The Sale: Shopping for a purpose is always fun and The Sale, benefiting the Cure for Childhood Cancer, is a great mix of something for everyone.  The sale puts together boutiques from all over the city all in one location.  It is a great way to visit your old favorites and pick up some new ones and is a great way to spend a day with friends whose shopping taste vary.

Orange is the new black – What I wore

Orange DressThis year orange made a splash and ripped the runways.  For many the color orange is an acquired taste for their fashion palette so it is always great when designers use a color in a way that re-introduces the diverse looks a color can bring to a wider audience.  From bright tangerine to the burnt embers found in a sunset, the color orange can really make a statement in fashion.  Whether it is used playfully in more intricate design or used as the yin to the yang of more traditional patterns it is a great option to have in your arsenal.

IMG_0086For the final Art of Conversation of 2014 I wanted to wear something serious enough to give weight to our most serious topic of the year but also that popped visually for the taping of the show.  As Helmut Lang is known for its simplicity and play on classic structure and shape the designer seemed like a perfect place to start my search.  I pulled the serious notes from the shape of the dress.  The draping of the dress add some polish to the bowl neck and the fit was impeccable.  The vibrant orange color mingled boldness with class seamlessly.  As its not me to be all work and no play I paired the look with soft waves and some a fun printed Christian Louboutins.  All in all the outfit was moderator worthy but added enough zest that it really embodied my style and personality.  At the end of the day regardless of the occasion, isn’t that the point of fashion.

It’s Electric – Havng fun with prints

IMG_0066When prints come up in fashion it can strike fear in the hearts of many.   When you hear prints you think busy patterns and colors that dominate the dress and can frequently wear you more effectively than you can wear it.  The good news, however, is that there have been a revolution of prints that give some great balance that highlights a piece that also has some really interesting visual design.  One of my favorite plays on prints are pictures that are printed on fabric.  With the right design and imagination they are able to take some beautiful pictures and find the just the right gathers and cuts that really pair well with the curves of a woman.  Best of all the deliberate choice in placement allows the designer to give some real balance between the business of the color and design of the picture with still being sleek and elegant.

With a photo shoot on deck I decided that a print was a great way to balance a serious look with some playful elements.  Because the goal was to be electric, a printed Alexander McQueen dress was a perfect fit.  The gradient print stars with a simple black start and gradually fades to a scene of lighting striking.  The lightning strike picture towards the bottom of the dress adds in some of the bold colors like purple and gray.  The best thing about the print is that even though it grows from subtle to bold, you still have the chance to be the star.   Because the entire dress is not busy I was able to still pair it with some dramatic eye makeup and sleek hair to give my version of business and pleasure.  Truly the best of both worlds!!!

Fashion Challenge: Packing for a day trip

IMG_0245A day trip is a great way to hone your fashion balance between comfort, ease, style, and flexibility.  When your entire apparel should fit in a small bag some of the “what ifs” that come with packing disappear.   My mission impossible for packing for my trip was to include something to wear to a musical as well as something comfortable and cute for my day two.  Here were my answers to the fashion challenge of a one day trip to San Antonio.

Puttin’ On the Ritz

IMG_0244Every year I try to make it up to New York so my daughter can see a Broadway show.  Well in 2014 we couldn’t make it to New York for Broadway so we had to catch it her in Texas.  The Lion King musical is a great introduction to musicals for kids and as an 80’s baby it ties something I loved in my childhood to something she could still connect.  Not to mention you cannot beat a show with both beautiful musical and an inspiring message.  When I am packing light there are few better choices for me than a dress because it is an all in one outfit.  I went with silk Haute Hippie shirt dress.  The flow of the dress made it a bit flirty while I could add other elements like a belt and some boots to give it more of a grown up feel.  Knee boots, like my sued Gucci boots, are a great way to add some class but are flexible enough to fold and fit in a smaller bag when needed.  The cranberry color of the dress helped to add some elegance to the look and was a great balance for a Broadway show with a huge kid appeal like the Lion King.

Conquering the Riverwalk

IMG_0216The flip side of a one way trip is always difficult because you really want to be comfortable for your return but also you want to get in a little bit of fun or sightseeing while you are still at your destination.  It was my goal not just to explore the Riverwalk but also check one some of the awesome restaurants that are sprinkled throughout area.  To get my fix of both comfort and style I chose to keep it simple with jeans and a sweater.  Yep it’s a classic combination and by throwing in a fun hat and belt I added a little shape and sass to freshen up the look.  I was able to both conquer a small exploration of the Riverwalk, some delicious empanadas (with a little room to spare in the waist of my pants) and the flight back to Houston with a smile.








Rubin Singer’s flawless at Fashion Houston

There is something about the precision in design that makes Rubin Singer’s clothes flawless.

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The interesting mix of being trendy and setting the trends is the trademark of all designers that stand the test of time and with his outstanding showing at Fashion Houston I am sure Rubin Singer will be a go to designer for many years to come.  He plays effortlessly with shapes and patterns to produce sleek pieces that tailor and flatter a woman’s body.  The true power in his craft eases its way down the runway with his natural ability to both accentuate a woman’s curves and craft designs that give the illusion of the curves we want, not just the curves we have.  Here are a couple of my favorite pieces from his run way show Tuesday night at Fashion Houston:

Hoops that bring the dramaRubin Singer Hoops that bring the drama

No you don’t have to be in a Gone with the Wind flash back to still have fun with a hoop skirt.  The hoops skirt is a great way to bring attention to or create the illusion of a tiny waist.  Rubin Singer mixed up the look by cutting the hemline way up. By doing so you get some of the fun flirtiness that can come in a hoop skirt paired with the drama and elegance from the length at the back.





Fishnet, Black Pantyhose

Rubin Singer Fish Net Black PantyhoseThe fishnet look has come back in full effect and Rubin Singer has reimagined it in an haute couture masterpiece.  The delicate nature of the weaving paired with the striking detail and black shimmer thread makes the piece unforgettable.  Of course if you are not a model you can add a sheath for a little more coverage but I always say if you got it flaunt it.




Geometric Black and white

Rubin Singer Geometric Black and WhiteShapes and patterns can change basic into complex in no time.  By sticking with basic colors this bustier and skirt piece bring drama in shapes and patterns.  It is a great nod to the ability to pair and match great shapes that are different in both pieces but still fit together seamlessly.  Together the ensemble is a show stopper but it can also be worn separately with something more demure for a pop of intrigue.





Gam Delight

Rubin Singer Gam DelightIf you got legs, and know how to use them than pencil skirts and slits are your friend.  Rubin Singer paired both and took it a leap future in leg accentuation by adding a contrasting fabric detail by the slit.  This is an outfit that is sure to turn heads as you strut in the room







Fancy Folds

Rubin Singer Fancy FoldsThere is nothing that adds a little more bounce in your step than the feeling of free movement in a skirt.  Rubin Singer capture the fun of the movement with this glamourous dress that goes from work time to play time in a snap.  The play look is shown with ease styled with a leather bolero, but it is still easily ready to rock the professional world.  Even with a more modest cut to the design the pattern and movement make a statement.