Business and Pleasure with printed blouses

70s blouseThe bold pattern and color palette of 70’s blouses fit right in to the outspoken nature and free love feel of the times.  Well times may have changed but the desire to make a bold and fun impression when you walk in the door remain.  The sweep back to the seventies style of bold and fun prints with flowly fabrics provide both the visual impact when you walk in the door and the comfort you need to take an outfit from day to night.  One of my favorite reasons to choose the combination for me is the color.  Something about slipping on vibrant colors makes me feel good and can really add some color to your face even when you are feeling a little dull.  The prints used in the blouses provide relief from some of the intense color choices and a little more complexity to your eye.  This combination makes the blouse a perfect choice in both fun situations and to add a little spice in more serious business settings.  By adding all the fun to a blouse you update like a dark suit that is considered a little more conservative and set you apart from the sea of power colors.  If you are lucky to grab one with a mock tie you add more potential variations and if you add slits then can add additional shape to the flow of the blouse.  All in all a great way to speak volumes without saying a word.

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