Building new Holiday traditions

[slideshow_deploy id=’409′]Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year in part to the great memories I have as a kid from Christmas.  As a child Christmas brought the excitement of Santa Clause and presents, but in looking back as an adult what truly made the holidays specials were the laughs and joy that came from spending time with my crazy family.  From decorating the tree, to “This Christmas” blasting at seven in the morning, to midnight mass, Christmas has a special place in my heart and taught me a lot about the meaning of family.  As a parent myself, however, my challenge is not to just rehash my fond memories for my daughter, but to build new ones so she can cherish our modern Christmas traditions.

Moody Garden’s Festival of Lights has become one of the special experiences I share with my daughter in building our own Christmas memories.  Christmas presents a lot of challenges to really spending quality time with our families despite it being the holiday season.   Between shopping, cooking, and work Christmas time can be pretty stressful.  In building my new holiday traditions I really like to focus on doing things that really encourage conversation and a shared experience.  For several years now I have gone to the Festival of Lights not only because it is fun for young and old alike, but because in the hour long sightseeing tour you really get a chance to spend some quality time.   It’s a “bring your own fun” kind of setting that does not bring the thrill of a movie or the commercialism of Santa.  What it does bring is a chance to laugh and talk with the best ingredient of all, love and attention.  All of Moody Garden’s is beautifully decorated with scenes celebrating everything from the Nativity to Sponge Bob.   You can go your own paste and take time to talk about what you like and don’t like, take in the views, and snap some great pics of fun times.

The holiday attractions at Moody Gardens offer an array of activities that remind me it’s the little things that often stand the test of time in our memories on the things we love about the holidays.  One of the highlights for me every year is the s’more camp where you can roast your s’mores on an open fire.  There is something about warm marshmallows that melts my heart and the art of making s’mores is definitely a family competition in my house.  The Festival of Lights always has a wealth of entertainment options like jugglers to keep you laughing on your walk and the holiday treats to keep you warm inside out.  From young to old in between the 4D movies, IMAX, ice skating, sledding and Festival of Lights there is enough excitement for any age to choose their favorites and enjoy time with the family.  Taking time to really appreciate those small blessing really is what makes the season right for me.

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