Bringing out the best in people

Tutor helping student in classTry as you might to avoid it, people still need people.  On the path to success and happiness accepting this guarantee helps you brace yourself for the craziness that sometimes comes along with the business and personal relationship you have with others.  Although there is little to nothing that can be done to change someone (wish as we might change comes from within) there are certainly things that can be done to help motivate others to change if you are patient and understanding enough to take on the challenge.

So where to begin in pulling out the best in people? There is no better place to start than accentuating the positives.  Really focusing on the things, or something, you really admire about the person not only can help put their downside in perspective it can also give you the foundation you need to approach them.  You cannot force someone to start seeing themselves different but the more you actually believe in some of their positive attributes the easier it is to get them to see those qualities as well.  Just a spoonful of sugar always gives you a little padding and believing your compliment prevents it from just being fluff, which does little to get someone to change.  Start with the good and work from there to bring out more and more of those positive features.

Once you start to see some change then focus on making it last!  All of these good intentions can come and go if you do not couple them with an interest is what is best for them and not just want you want.  It is easy to point out ways we think others can improve but the question to ensure longevity normally boils down to if they share that same vision for their improved self.  Bringing out the best in others, although it may have a positive impact on you, should really be for their best interest.  If you can frame the improvement in a way where you tap into their vision from improvement you can get their imagination going on how a change for the positive might improve their lives.  From good or bad sometimes assisting other on their improvement becomes a mirrored reflection to the things we like or need to improve within ourselves.  If done with the right frame of mind working to bring out the best in others can easily have a reciprocal effect on you!

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