Breathe of Fresh Air at the Bayou Bend Gardens

Bayou Bend Grounds Edge stroke

For most of my weekday my activity consist of sitting in a chair and looking at a screen with an occasional glimpse in my window to survey the weather outside.  Days that I have a chance to go outside and stretch my legs can be few and far between so on a day I get to pick my own schedule, heading outdoors was at the top of my list.  This past Mother’s Day I ceased the day and took a trip to Museum of Fine Arts Houston Bayou Bend Collection to explore their exhibit and gardens and take a peak back in time to celebrate the job of the outdoors.

Bayou Bend house Bayou Bend GardensThe home showcases the amazing collection of philanthropist Ima Hogg. In touring the home you are really transported to a world long ago.  From the first step into the house I instantly felt fancier.  The long, eloquent stairway begged me for a Gone with the Wind moment.  In exploring the rooms your imagination runs wild with the stories of the times and people that once filled the mansion.

Bayou bend house 1 Bayou bend house 2 Bayou bend house 3 Bayou bend house 4The designs were eloquent and often elaborate and each room told a unique story of history.  What made it better was an opportunity to share the experience with my daughter to show first-hand the eternal persistence of time as new things become old but beauty always remains.

After a tour of the home I set out to explore the show stopper for me…the gardens.  The home is place on 14 acres of gardens set in Historic River Oaks.  Bayou bend brideIn crossing the suspension bridge to enter the property you feel the adventurer spirit invigorating you.  The beautifully manicured grounds give you a great chance to just be at piece in nature.  From the winding paths to small bridges to fountains you have a opportunity to just breathe and enjoy the life all around us.  The grounds are sprinkled with beautiful wrought iron benches arranged to spark conversation or give you space to just think and enjoy.  Bayou Bend Grounds 1 chy sittin 2 What better opportunity is there to slow down and remember you don’t have to look far to find something beautiful is a great way to ring in a weekend before the weekly grind kicks off again.  If you have not had a chance the gardens are a must see and with programs and tours available it is a great place for the whole family to enjoy.    me and chy

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