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Nzuri Natural Hair show

Honestly I love big hair but when it comes to my natural hair, I really didn’t have much of a choice.  I think everyone’s hair exploration is different and for many of us it starts with envy: Loving the hair that we don’t have. If your hair is curly, then you want straight hair, if your hair is thin then you want it thick.  A classic the grass is always greener situation.  For me it was just looking at the positives of a different hair time instead of the negatives I chose to emphasis in the reality of dealing with my hair.  After many years of experimenting with products, colors and styles I am at a point where I love the versatility that comes with my natural hair.  Getting to this point has been a real process so here are some steps that where important for me to get to the love I have today.

  • Be realistic.  I come from a family where my grandmother has beautiful bone straight hair.  I could spend a lifetime wondering what I did not pull that out of the genetic grab bag or just get realistic about the positives and negatives of the hair I was blessed with.   The fact is no one in your family may have hair just like you but no matter what time of hair you have there are some benefits.  Being realistic about what you are working with will keep you away from things that are damaging to your hair type, like perms or coloring.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment.  The world is the limit when it comes to products for your hair.   I have never found there to be a pre-packaged perfect mix, however, when it comes to hair products.  That is because it was not made custom for you.  It takes a while to really develop the cocktail of products that work perfect for your hair and with the style you want to achieve.  Having your hair curly vs. straight vs. braided all takes a different regimen to maintain.  The great thing is that a lot of manufactures are now making travel size.  Try a smaller size or bottle so you don’t have to commit and keep notes of what it does to your hair.  After a while it is easy to forget and although it may not work on one style, it may be perfect for another.
  • Ask around to others who have your same hair type.  This does not automatically mean to a friend or family member.  Having curly hair does not make all hair types the same.  The curl pattern and thickness can be really different.  I recently saw someone with hair that looked like mine and we actually wound up touching each other’s hair to really see if it’s similar.  You can also get some hands on experience at a natural hair show where you can really find a great match.

 You can check out the Nzuri Hair Show this weekend if you want to start your own hair exploration.  

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