Being still in order to propel your growth

Business choices for difficult situationsOnce you get to moving and reacting to the punches that life throws you can begin to feel like you are the ball in a pinball game, bouncing from side to side, but never reaching the direct path to success you desires.   Sometimes we becomes so busy ducking and dodging problems and hassles along the way we can lose sight of the path and where we are along that path in reaching important milestones.  The more hectic life becomes, the easier it is to do a whole lot of running or a whole lot of nothing only to realize many moons later we at or behind the spot where we started.  Just as silence is in a conversation makes a big impact, being still in the midst of the marathon of life can be a great way to regroup and forge ahead on a path to success.

The challenge in staying still in order to plot a better course is that it is a very delicate balance between complacency and thriving on chaos when you make the decision to be still.  On one end while you take a temporary pause you can quickly just begin to accept the madness and stop doing the work to push towards your goals.  Externally being still looks like doing nothing and when you’re adding the weight of external judgment onto a whirlwind of havoc it can become very discouraging.  Very similar to how you can get used to a bad smell you can also get use to a bad situation if your planning mixes too much with acceptance.  Although being still is a necessary component to planning, don’t be so easily fooled between being still and doing nothing.  Thinking is an action word.  When you are thinking on how to get back on course you are still doing the work to get back on track, even if no one can see.  Planning is a great way to re-chart a course and better yet determine where you went off course in the first place.  These lessons are powerful ones and if not properly observed and absorbed can be ones we quickly have to face again.

On the opposite end of being still is too action much.  It is very hard to win a game with great defense and absolutely no offense.  Just making plans to react to environments keeps you moving, busy and tired as hell but the results can be just as unpredictable and unproductive as doing nothing.  Being still to regroup, can be just the breath of fresh air needed to get a new perspective and learn some lessons along the way that define all the action you through into with purpose.   Once you have done some assessments of the situation, what you did right and wrong, and the alternatives pick up the ball and keep it moving, adjustments are a life necessity so prepare for them.

At the end of the day being still physically can help us quiet our mind and process the things that are happening and how to get better.  Once the mind is active on what to do, link that mental plan back to the physical action of helping you achieve your goals.


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