Beating the heat with fun summer attire

IMG_6713One thing is for certain for my summer travel to a festival, I am either going to face rain or heat or maybe both.  For Essence Festival I was happy to get the sun option but that of course means facing the challenge of dealing with heat.  Choosing how to dress when you know it’s going to be sweltering can feel like a lose-lose selection as you have to weight your style with how practical materials are in dealing with the heat.  Here are my tips for ensuring your style doesn’t melt away when dealing with the heat

Gone with the wind with Hats

IMG_6712I love the drama that is stirred up when you throw on a hat.  In my mind a wide brimmed hat instantly adds a little mystery and sophistication to almost any outfit.  To battle the hours of walking through the French Quarters I came prepared with two of my favorites.  Not only can the styles for hats be impeccable they offer some great sun protection for your face and can keep your head cool and protected.



Cotton is your friend

IMG_6706Choosing a material that breathes can provide some much needed ventilation to covered areas when you are outside for long periods of time.  Organic fabrics such as cotton are weaved to let a little more air through than some synthetic options.  I chose a cotton dress with a little spandex that offered some stretch for comfort, colors for interest and lining for absorption and support.   A great lined dress or shirt can go a long way with preventing the heat on your skin from seeping out and becoming the sweat on the outside of your clothes.  Even in choosing cotton for pieces like jeans you can get a little more comfort through the heat with breathable fabrics that can move with you thorough the day

Cover Ups Fun

IMG_6705Swimsuits can be a little scary, especially when you never know what to expect when hitting up the pool.  One of my all-time favorite cover ups reads “Gone with the Wind” all the way because of the open front but still allows you to have some coverage when wearing it over your swimsuit.  Cover-ups that are sheer with a print can also work well with the breeze as well as give your legs, stomach, and back some coverage from the sun.

Color Choices

IMG_6711In the heat, white is right.  White goes a long way to deflect sunlight from reaching your skin, while darker colors like black absorb heat.  Its summer time thus making it prime time to rock your white before style rules start to apply so enjoy yourself.  Not only does white look fresh and fun for the summer, it is a great way to stay a little cooler and in 90 degree weather every little bit helps.

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