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The Bayou City Art Festival this past weekend was bigger and better than ever.  With the sun shining and a nice breeze flowing there were few better places to enjoy some of the country’s best artist.  In the two hour stroll I saw several new and returning artist that caught my eye and in case you did not get a chance to make it out or missed them while you were there a sneak peek at a few of the artist I loved at the festival.

Lulu by Michael GardMichael Gard

Michael Gard’s sculptures capture life and movement in incredible pieces for your home.  The lightness and freedom you experience when dancing breathe life into the sculptures.  When the sculptures are paired with lighting the work embodies the joy that dancing brings.



Kathy Womack Bella Muerte SeriesKathy Womack Gallery

As a returning artist I have admired Kathy’s Women & Wine Series for several years.  The depictions of fun and fashionable ladies enjoying good wine and good company always remind me of my own friendships.  In the newer Bella Muerte series, you get the same fun feeling with a Day of the Dead nod.  The contrast of the two pieces is great reminder that youth and beauty fade, but fun and friends never have to.

Dope Ah Mean SeriesJoshua Duncan Artist

In the Dope-Ah-Mean Series produces a really funky mix of materials and mediums that will have you staring at the wall for hours.  It is really amazing what was done to form the complex layers of color and shapes that make these wall creations. The wall sculptures speak volumes on the innovation that can come from new artist.

Isis_Rising St Victor DiariesLynden St. Victor

The surrealism of these pieces is like taking a look at the world through sexy, funky, cool shades.  The work is sensual and grand and seem to prompt an enchanting story unveiling itself to you.  To top the magnificent work the arts also has a big heart and donates a percentage of the sales to Underdog Rescue.



Bruce Holwerda

These paintings ability to make the complexity look easy remind me that life is all about perspective.  These pieces artfully combine colors and shapes in pieces that give you something to talk about.




Bad Tatters La Femme RougeMad Tatters

I am always drawn to a bold composition of color.  These artist use bold designs balanced well with negative space to produce an Alice in Wonderland feel.  A great way to bring an escape from reality home with you and escape to wherever your imagination takes you.




Limbo Litho NecklaceLimbo Jewelry

This husband and wife pair turned training in silversmithing and a background in design to come up with fun jewelry designs that a play on shapes and connections.  The designs are simple enough for almost any occasion but add some excitement with shapes and layers



Clifton Henri Photography

This photographer is one of my favorites coming out of the Windy City.  The photographs always capture the movement, pace and beat of the city and the people that call Chicago Home

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