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This past weekend I was able to check out the Museum of Art History, Houston Impressionism exhibit and found that not only was art imitating life, but it did inspire me to take an artist’s eye to my own life.  The cool thing about the Impressionist movement is that, whether it is a peak into people lives or a scene of nature, it is a reflection of something real through the artist eyes.  Many, many years later you are still able to see the beauty in even the simplest scene captured by the great artist such as Monet and Degas.  One of the most striking feelings I got from the exhibit is just the beauty in life.  The hustle and bustle can often be distracting from the simple beauty that is all around us.  In the Impressionist work you can take a peak in the beauty an artist saw in someone crossing the street or practicing ballet  or even a bowl of fruit.  In our own life it is important to just take a big step away and see that the beauty capture in the art is the same beauty that exists in our own lives.  Seeing through fresh eyes the gentle variations in light and color and emotion that pour down and down and really make every scene a sight to behold can put the meaning of even the smallest task in perspective.

The Impressionist movement is the true story of visionaries who, without lacking the ability to succeed in the path most taken, decided to take the status quo and stand it on its head.  In their unwillingness to accept the standard and expected way to progress as an artist, they eventually demanded the evolution of art.  Instead of mystical, exaggerated standards, they looked around for the inspiration to do extraordinary things.    Even today there can be what is considered to be a right and wrong way to do things.  The beauty that exists in the Impressionist movement is the attention to the instances in life that are taken for granted due to their commonality.  Not being afraid to walk your own path and follow personal passions can be difficult, but the payoffs can be astronomical.  Being does not to be bigger than life to be art worthy.  The beauty of life itself is worthy of all the admiration and the exhibit challenged me to not only want even my most simple tasks to be inspirational, but as encouragement to write your own ticket in achieving your goals.  The life of the artists in the Impressionist movement’s own lives inspired their art by their view and convictions, how does your life inspire art?

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