Art Immersion with Mixed Media at MFAH

Mized media part and partyBreak dancing at the museum may seem as likely as pigs flying, but for Mixed Media at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston everything you thought you knew about the museum flies out of the window.  Coming into the event I knew there would be a mix of DJs and fun that would change the vibe of the event.  What I failed to realize is how contagious this vibe is.  Starting with one person loving the beat of a song or having a great laugh in conversation the mood spreads like wildfire.  Because of this every step seems through museum seems a little more lively, every station packing an extra ingredient to the fun to be had.Enjoying Mixed Media with cousin Mixed media art appreciation 1

Even in passing the museum I could feel the change.  To drive by and feel the music beating and see the feet moving in the heart of the museum district the tone of the museum gets a reset.  With every step into the event you are moved closer and closer into a new ideal of what art appreciation can be.  Whether that is step 15 when you gather with your friends for your best smiles and shenanigans at the picture booth or step 32 when you see you really are in the heart of a museum surrounded by images of beauty and strength from years past.  No matter how you take it by step 45 when you are face to face with a DJ mixing up their brand of funk or sipping on the evenings drink special you are knee deep in the vibe where you can look and appreciate all the things that comprise art and see them with fresh eyes.

Party at the museum for mixed media Checking out Atlas at mixed mediaThroughout the course I was reminded how much I love all kinds or art.  As I joined a friend in strolling through the Houghton Hall: Portrait of English Country House Exhibit I even wondered if perhaps this is how art is meant to be enjoyed.  With lively conversations imagining the uses of old chairs and guessing the thoughts in the minds of artist models from centuries ago.  The art immersion continued as I watched DJs and enthusiasts transform sound and movement into art that again begged me to jump in and try my hand at being my own artist.  Even if you go for the art, the music, dancing and a little bit of mayhem will make you stay.  Don’t miss your next chance for fun at Mixed Media at the music the last Fridays in summer at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.Breaking at mixed media 1 Breaking at mixed media 2 The Chivary special at mixed media DJ Love at Mixed Media Crowd at mixed media Breaking at mixed media 4 Breaking at mixed media 3



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