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With Black Halo Designer Lauren BermanWhen you follow too closely to what is trendy your closet is always in a constant rotation of what’s hot, closely followed by what is not.   True style is not just the inspirations designers share in their collections as the seasons change.  Instead true style cultivates one’s personality and combines it with the shapes and designs that stand the test of time by accenting the shape and beauty of the wearer first and foremost.  Black Halo is one of the brands that is on a true pursuit to cover the natural style and grace that showcases women best assets and giving them the poise to put their best foot out that is the root of ageless and timeless fashion. Black Halo sleek La Reina jumpsuit




















Black Halo is the brainchild of Laurel Berman and is the elegant combination of strength paired with softness and reserved paired with free-spirited that speaks to women of almost any age.  The journey to deliver the ageless and timeless fashions Black Halo is known for begins with a focus on fit.  By starting off with the challenge of making every woman look 2 inches taller and 15 pounds thinner in each garment the secret ingredient of their success is quickly revealed.  Nothing carries through the years or the trends more than making clothes that make a woman confident and more often than not fit is the key.  As making this focus on fit is the cornerstone for the brand, women can carry these garments with them throughout various occasions because quite simply they feel good and look good in the garment. Black Halo proivdes timeless and ageless style regardless of your style preferences

Black Halo models showcasing how to rock the little black dressWith the foundation in place with a focus on good fit, quality and exquisite fabrics add to the equation to answer the call of ageless and timeless fashions. The fact is that being ageless and timeless does not mean that every dress is the perfect fit for everywoman.  By adding variation in color and committing to fabrics that wear well and drape even better each woman can explore the differences that make us all unique and beautiful.  Black Halo takes their clean, fit focused style and embellishes in color and textures that may appear on trend but stand the test of time as the wearer knows they will look phenomenal.

Black Halo finding the perfect balance between allure and tradition in the little black dress









When I looked to some of the reasons I love this brand I did not have to look any further than its creator Laurel Berman. She is masterfully able to roll in all her experiences, from living on a farm to living it up in San Francisco, and her choice to follow her heart instead of her wallet in going to design school to pour into the constant inspirations she applies to her designs.  Although know for the ageless and timeliness deigns such as her Jackie O Dress it is clear that her vision of style simply refuses to accept the limits of age and time to define beauty and confidence in a woman. Black Halo lets effortless style combine with todays trends









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