Adventure Time – Exploring DC by foot

US Capital SelfieWith a great mix of culture, history, food and fun, few cities set the stage for walking about than Washington, DC.  As with many old cities, there is an architectural style that sparks your imagination to what its residents experienced hundreds of years before you retraced their steps.  As older cities were designed at a time where walking was a major means of transportation, it is designed to fit that mode, with sideways and crosswalks readily available and stores and restaurants situated for those on their feet.  Grafitti wall in DC 1 Grafitti wall in DC 2As the doors to my imagination opened up I want to get out and experience all of that adventure myself and walking lets me touch, feel and see the city in a much more intimate way than driving in cars or on public transportation.

My love for walking and discovery was not initially shared by my daughter as the thought of a 4 mile hike to our hotel with no idea of what was in between did not sound equally appealing.  US CapitalBut instead of just looking at it as a long walk around DC, I challenged her to change her point of view and be open to the idea of going on an adventure.  When you start on an adventure something changes.  Stop and smell the roses in DCInstead of a focus on the fastest and most convenient route, you look forward to the delays and detours along the way as the point is not the route, it’s the experiences along the way.  Our walk took us through skater ramps, parks, the capital and Pennsylvania Ave and along the way just how special these times are became clear.  The constant focus on time was thrown out the window and all roads became open to the adventure at hand.  If something looked cool or caught our eye the plan quickly changed to accommodate the new experiences. Chy climbing Trees If a tree looked fun we climbed it, if there was a building that looked cool we walked up to it, anything that added to our daily adventure.  Having the access and ability to not just pass things up but get some hands on action made the experience much more alive.

When you have no idea where you are than almost everything seems new and adds a great twist of spice that is unbeatable when it comes to having an adventure.  With great weather and phenomenal scenery (not to mention the people watching) DC is a great place to step back in time or have your own modern adventure.   Two Scholars Fredrick Douglas ground coin First Amedment Cool Architecture DC Park and statute


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