Adding some party pizazz with a specialty cocktail


With the Super Bowl coming up there are few better times to have a good, old-fashioned house party.  If you think about sitting in a room full of mostly stranger compared with being in a place where you can focus on the game with food and drinks within reach around people you actually like a house party can be an awesome alternative.  On the downside, party planning can be expensive and obnoxious to think of what drinks that work for the masses. Game Day Bar A great way to avoid some of the drink confusion is choosing a signature drink.  It narrows down what you have to buy, makes the options for others easy, and opens the door for others to pick (and supply) their pleasure if you don’t have what they want.


Spec’s downtown recently offered a new Specsology class to give some insight on some drink options that can personalize your party and as a bonus can be made in a punch size for your convenience.


Quarterback SpritzQuarterback Spritz

This drink is great because it has such a wide tasting appeal.  For those who like darks you are giving them something that works for them, which is rare in a punch.  For those who are little more leery of darks, the pear nectar and orange liqueur mellow it out.  As the biggest surprise to the recipe the ginger beer really breaks up some of the sour favor and makes it a drink you keep can in hand throughout the entire game.


Draft PickDraft Pick

A great choice when trying to marry beer lovers with those who prefer something harder.  This drink starts with a base of a flavored vodka that focuses on taste instead of sweetness.  You add a twist with chipotle pineapple syrup that gives some sweetness and a kick.  These flavors are a great compliment to some game day favorite food choices like wings and burgers.  To finish it out you add a great wheat beer.  In the room people who loved and hated beer alike could find something that worked for them in the drink.  The mix of alcohol and beer can also work well on the scale of almost any budget.


1st and 101st and 10

This drink is a great alternative to a margarita.  In short the ingredients are similar but for some tequila just isn’t their cup of tea.  Rum is a pretty smooth alternative that goes down easy and although strong is pretty refreshing.  By making it a punch you can still leave out some key ingredients like simple syrup to allow your guest to customize the drink to fit their taste.


No matter how you do it this is sure to be a great Super Bowl game, enjoying the game around friends and family can a great experience even better.


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