Adding some drama with a one shoulder shirt

One Shoulder ShirtSome clothes work to prove that less skin can indeed be sexier.  One shoulder shirts work to add a sexy addition to an outfit while keeping the entire look elegant and classy.  These shirts do a great job at this double duty approach because the cut allows for a peak of some extra skin while still giving a fit that is comfortable and otherwise conservative.  As opposed to some other skin sneak peaks like cut outs or short hemlines, the asymmetrical look of a one shoulder shirt can give an outfit visual direction that focuses on beauty and minimizes some problem areas.  By cutting away material at the top of the shirt you can refocus the look to the neck and face area.  This really lets you shine in the outfit instead of the outfit shining on you.  Additionally highlighting your shoulder lines really emphasizes one of the shape that defines the smooth and delicate lines that define a woman’s outline.  This emphasis pulls a double duty as attention is also moved away from the bottom of the shirt that may showcase more of a woman’s problem areas towards her waistline and even hips.  By adding a belt to cinch at the waist you easily promote the angles of wide to narrow giving an accentuated look of a narrow waistline.  If nothing else the single shoulder shirt adds a little something different that can add a unique twist to a look that takes it from the tame to something a little more special.



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