A new take on the zoo experience at the Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo A Welcome hug from a koalaSome things are hard to feel like something new once you have a couple of trips under your belt.  The zoo can be one of those experiences as a couple of rounds of the lions, tigers, and bears and usually the mind begins to wander on the shortest route back to the car.  Although these thoughts were at the back of my mind when I read about Taronga Zoo in Sydney, my desire to see some koalas won over and I decided to give the zoo a try and hopped a ferry to start our journey.

Taronga Zoo Lemur partyTaronga Zoo just a taste of the animals at the zooTaronga Zoo (11)Taronga Zoo (10)Taronga Zoo (9)Taronga Zoo (6)Taronga Zoo of course offers animal experiences that you can see at almost any large zoo, but the style in which they do things gives you a distinctly Australian flare to your zoo experience.  The zoo itself is set in a lush urban oasis, to make you feel like you are setting off on your own little safari.  As with most things in Sydney the water is an essential component and not only are you reminded of that on the ferry ride over, but also with the breathtaking views of harbors while at the zoo.  What made the zoo unique to me more than anything else was its layout.  Although it looked pretty normal when I was first handed my map, I quickly discovered that the map did not show the ups and downs of the terrain of the zoo that added an extra challenge to the experience.  With my daughter quickly being assigned as the navigator we pounded the pavement up and down the hills to cover some ground on this massive zoo.

Taronga Zoo me and my new friend the giraffeTaronga Zoo beautiful views of the ocean and cityThere is no doubt the zoo is gigantic and some features of the zoo are great bonuses to the challenge of tackling covering such a large zoo.  From the moment you hop off the ferry, options abound on what you want your zoo experience to be.  While you are free to walk up to begin your visit at the park, they also have a sky safari which is a cable car that takes you straight to the top of the zoo so you can spend the rest of your time working your way down (a great alternative to laboring up the hills the whole day).  They also have animal encounters, shows, and talks to make the experience more interactive than just a sightseeing tour of animals.  With more than 30 options daily from seal shows to koala experiences you can really get up close and personal with some of the native animals of Sydney.  For those a little more on the adventurous side they have an ultimate treetop adventure called Wild Ropes.  This adventure course takes you to the trees as you get an aerial perspective of the animals and an extra physical challenge for you.

Usually my zoo maximum visit time is a couple of hours but that time was doubled at the Taronga Zoo as I strolled through wallaby’s, tried to wake up koalas, and enjoyed just being immersed in nature with my daughter by my side. Taronga Zoo Seal Time Taronga Zoo Seal show



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