A day on the run with my cross body bag

Cross body bagWeekends are reserved for errands for me.  Those two magical days at the end of the week are reserved for all of the running around that just could not fit into a five day work week and usually have me out and about from 10 to 7 trying to get it all in.  Saturday, for instance, was full of hustle and bustle with trips to the flooring store, the furniture store, the Container Store, and Lowe’s and Home Depot to boot, not to mention some heavy lifting along the ways.  Days like this there is no accessory that saves the day more than my cross body bag.

A cross body purse is a great bag for being on the move because of the freedom plain and simple.  You don’t have to worry about holding it or trying to force it to stay on your shoulder.  With the weight distributed it’s perfectly balanced to hit the road with you, and all of your items are a simple flap lift away.  My favorite is my Gucci cross body.  It is a change from the smaller purses I usually carry around because it becomes my utility bag to handle all of the unexpected that pops up on a busy day.  The cross body purse is somewhere I can keep everything that I think I may want or need.  From lotion to receipts to even my iPad this bag can handle it all!  I through it over my head and I am ready to face the challenges of a busy day with ease.  Of course as a fashionista it’s a great way to prove you can indeed have it all.  With this cross body I get to keep my love for style with a really functional bag.  When I really get into high drive I push the bag to the back and prepare to push through the rest of the day with beautiful ease, just like my bag.



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