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Making black and white fun and chic

IMG_9767You don’t have to define fun in color when it comes to apparel.  Truth is that black and white can offer just as much fun and sassiness than its more colorful counterparts when you take a play on cut and textures as opposed to colors.  When done correctly black and white can pair to have a striking effect on your look and still give some of the fun that gives life a little zest.  At the event Art of Conversation I play the role as mastermind and moderator as we welcome an open forum to discuss some of days most interesting and challenging issues.  IMG_9765As with any outfit, I like my look to be an expression of not just the occasion but the part I am playing in it.  In wanting to evoke both power and openness I chose strong contrast such as black and white commanding fabrics like leather combined with the airiness and freedom I found in a cropped blouse.

IMG_9762For the base of the outfit I started with a black pencil leather skirt from BCBG.  Pencil skirts are a great way to elongate the figure at a length that gives the coverage to allow me to be comfortable to sit at the front of an audience.  The pleats in the skirt help break up the straight lines of the skirt and give a little leeway in problem areas that might arise giving an overall smooth and sleek look.

IMG_9766The blouse was a great balancing act as it took some of the structure of the skirt and turned it on its heels.  The softness of the material made the blouse free flowing and soft.  With contrasting black trim on the collar and arms made the look a lot more striking that a regular white blouse.

And to finish off the look of course there are the shoes.  In my nod to something old and something new I pulled some Gucci patent leather peep toes out of my closet.  The white piping was a great match to my color palette choice and the throwback shape and design of the shoes made the shoes modern day classics.

How do you think black and white pair for a chic classic?

Christmas Old English style with Dickens on the Strand

Old Time PhotoThe Strand area in Galveston almost feels like a time jump.  When you go and walk around the old buildings and throw back businesses it can feel like time stood still.  This is especially true during their celebration of everything Old English, Dickens on the StrandDickens on the Strand (10)The annual festival is a street celebration taking you straight back to Victorian London with parades, street entertainers, costumes and unforgettable food.  For me the festival feels not just like a time hop to the Victorian past, but to my own childhood were I would come and enjoy the parades and fun times in Galveston with my mom.

Dickens on the Strand (2) Dickens on the Strand (4) Dickens on the Strand (6)Now as a mom myself Dickens on the Strand is a great way to build memories with your kids because like most memories it mixes watching and doing in a wonderful balance.  Even more importantly it gets the conversation and the imagination rolling on what living in that era actually felt like.  From woman’s suffrage to children’s games, you can open the world of possibilities for your children in a quick drive to someplace new by showing them what they have and how they live is not the only way it could be done.  Plus you can do so in a way that is fun to both you and the kiddos. Dickens on the Strand (7)

Like other festivals I love the opportunities that are presented to join in and get in on the festivities and even hop in to walk in the parade when you come in costume.  If all that is not for you, sitting back and enjoying is still a great view with fire breathers and carolers guiding your way through the streets of the festival.  The festival’s locations gives you a bit of a two for one as you can explore both vendor booths as well as the historic strand area.  Dickens on the Strand (8) Dickens on the Strand (9)Favorites like La King’s candy mix old and new and are staples of the time hop you take on the Strand.  Even the old time photo booths sprinkled on the street give rise to getting in the mood.  Of course I cannot resist this time of dress up.  Between the photos, shows, parade, bed races and tons and tons of street food the leap over to the Dickens on the Strand is a quick family outing worth every moment.Dickens on the Strand (1)

My day at the Met

IMG_9972What I love best about museums is their ability to transform you back to another place and time.  It is almost like having your own private time machine where you can go back and observe how people lived and what their experiences were.  It is nothing short of an awe inspiring thought as without the conveniences we have in the modern world they managed to still create and build and innovate.  There are few museums that are set up more to cater to this personal experience that the Metropolitan museum of New York.  Whether it was the tombs of Egypt or the streets of Rome, their collection and atmosphere are transformative.

Walk Like an Egyptian

Egyptology at the Met (8) Egyptology at the Met (6) Egyptology at the Met (3)There are few societies I am more in awe of than Ancient Egypt.  Their culture is one where beauty, duty, and religion abounded.  As the Met’s exhibit is set up to showcase some of the inner workings of a tomb you get a special insiders look into the gravity of the structure for these people at the time.  From hidden chambers to intriguing designs the walk through the exhibit shows just how magnificent these times and people really were. Egyptology at the Met (7) Egyptology at the Met (2) Egyptology at the Met (1) Egyptology at the Met (4)







Greek Appreciation

Ancient Greece at the Met (5)One of the most well noted times of discovery is the Rise of Ancient Rome.  Whether they were questioning philosophies with Socrates or the divine in their Gods and Goddess the time shines line on the inquisitive and enduring nature of the human spirit.  Sculptures are my favorite as I can only dream of the vision it takes to transform a block of marble into something remarkable.  Not to mention the models were a site for sore eyes in their day. Socrates at the Met Ancient Greece at the Met (1) Ancient Greece at the Met (7) Ancient Greece at the Met (4) Ancient Greece at the Met (2) Ancient Greece at the Met (6)











Death Becomes HerDeath becomes her at the Met (8) Death becomes her at the Met (1)

Death becomes her at the Met (7) Death becomes her at the Met (6) Death becomes her at the Met (5) Death becomes her at the Met (4) Death becomes her at the Met (3) Death becomes her at the Met (2)






Death is one of the only guarantees of life.  The mourning process changes for cultures and throughout time so being able to step into the fashions of the time gives a small clue on what it means.  At the Death Becomes Her exhibition the fashions from Europe are showcase.  While some are flashy and some all somber all speak to a time where war and death abounded and how the woman coped with losing the husband and children that seems like an unimaginable part of life.

Don’t forget the park

IMG_9973A museum as massive as the Met can really get your imagination going so what better place to let it soar than central park.  I love the peace that comes with really enjoying nature so if you are out at the Met you are also right in the middle of Central Park.  The park has lovely bridges and walkways and of course benches to sit and daydream.  Whether you make it a picnic or take a nice stroll the park is a great compliment to a day at the museum.




Rubin Singer’s flawless at Fashion Houston

There is something about the precision in design that makes Rubin Singer’s clothes flawless.

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The interesting mix of being trendy and setting the trends is the trademark of all designers that stand the test of time and with his outstanding showing at Fashion Houston I am sure Rubin Singer will be a go to designer for many years to come.  He plays effortlessly with shapes and patterns to produce sleek pieces that tailor and flatter a woman’s body.  The true power in his craft eases its way down the runway with his natural ability to both accentuate a woman’s curves and craft designs that give the illusion of the curves we want, not just the curves we have.  Here are a couple of my favorite pieces from his run way show Tuesday night at Fashion Houston:

Hoops that bring the dramaRubin Singer Hoops that bring the drama

No you don’t have to be in a Gone with the Wind flash back to still have fun with a hoop skirt.  The hoops skirt is a great way to bring attention to or create the illusion of a tiny waist.  Rubin Singer mixed up the look by cutting the hemline way up. By doing so you get some of the fun flirtiness that can come in a hoop skirt paired with the drama and elegance from the length at the back.





Fishnet, Black Pantyhose

Rubin Singer Fish Net Black PantyhoseThe fishnet look has come back in full effect and Rubin Singer has reimagined it in an haute couture masterpiece.  The delicate nature of the weaving paired with the striking detail and black shimmer thread makes the piece unforgettable.  Of course if you are not a model you can add a sheath for a little more coverage but I always say if you got it flaunt it.




Geometric Black and white

Rubin Singer Geometric Black and WhiteShapes and patterns can change basic into complex in no time.  By sticking with basic colors this bustier and skirt piece bring drama in shapes and patterns.  It is a great nod to the ability to pair and match great shapes that are different in both pieces but still fit together seamlessly.  Together the ensemble is a show stopper but it can also be worn separately with something more demure for a pop of intrigue.





Gam Delight

Rubin Singer Gam DelightIf you got legs, and know how to use them than pencil skirts and slits are your friend.  Rubin Singer paired both and took it a leap future in leg accentuation by adding a contrasting fabric detail by the slit.  This is an outfit that is sure to turn heads as you strut in the room







Fancy Folds

Rubin Singer Fancy FoldsThere is nothing that adds a little more bounce in your step than the feeling of free movement in a skirt.  Rubin Singer capture the fun of the movement with this glamourous dress that goes from work time to play time in a snap.  The play look is shown with ease styled with a leather bolero, but it is still easily ready to rock the professional world.  Even with a more modest cut to the design the pattern and movement make a statement.