10 Must Do’s to celebrate your Born Month

birthday cake with candle and gifts

When I was a kid my mom always kicked of the beginning of March as my birthday month and ever since I took celebrating my whole month pretty seriously.  Naturally I am the kind of person who likes to celebrate life and our birthdays are a great reminder of the blessing of life is as well as commemorate the “-“ in between our birth and our death that defines our lives.

10. Celebrate those who can no longer celebrate life. As the years pass by most of us experience the increasing loss of those we love.  Often this loss hits us most on the anniversary of the day they were born or died and we naturally mourn.  Our birthday month, however, provides a time to really celebrate their live and all the ways the relationship impacted and improved our own lives.  Think of it as a personal day of the dead where you can remember them and let that memory continue to strengthen the impact on your own life.  Don’t leave them behind on the celebration of you!

9. Ask if your affairs are in order.  All life stories end with a period (or perhaps an exclamation point) and it’s easy to lose sight of the legacy you build every day in your life.  Birthday celebrations in part are about mortality so don’t be afraid to take inventory on where you are.  No tomorrow is guaranteed and asking if you are where you want to be if the promise of life is not fulfilled helps you put things in your life in perspective.

8. Get in gear for the next year.  Yes you flip another year on the counter of you but there is no time like the present to take the steps you want to make your New Year one where dreams do come true.   Birthdays mark a life milestone and it is a great time to plot on the course for the next year.

7. Take time to remember life does have a period.  Birthdays and death days have an inseparable tie.   This does not have to be a bad thing though as the time in between becomes more precious when you stop seeing it like the Energizer bunny that keeps going and going.  In remembering that life ends you can turn on the HD glasses in how you view your life so flowers smell sweeter, cake is more delicious, and the celebration rocks like it is 1999!

6. Cross off a bucket list item. Bucket lists are not things you drag along with you until you get old.  Crossing items off make space for new items and gives you a well-rounded list of things to see, do, and experience.  Big or small, make sure you actively pursue checking things off the list that remind you just how bight the world truly is.

5. Spend time with your loved ones.  I read once that not spending time with loved ones is one of people’s biggest regrets on their death beds.  Don’t take for granted the people who support you on the road call life, smile when you win and cry when you fall.  They are truly the things dreams are made of.

4. Pat yourself on the back. Usually when something big happens like a new job or graduating from school people gather around to pat you on the back.  But those successes are just the finished product of hundreds of long days and longer nights where the struggle is real.  As a lot of it you walk alone you may be the only person who knows of the bumps along the way.  Take time to really appreciate the fact that you survived as that is the first step to thriving.

3. Thank those around you who helped define the previous year of life.  Most of us don’t walk along in life alone.  Having loved ones around us to give us support and strength adds some brightness today their day.  Their role is important so if you don’t say any other day of the year, take some time during the month that celebrates you to give your acknowledgements.

2. Live in the day and celebrate. Live, love, laugh!  It’s all a part of the celebration.  Your birthday is the New Years of you.  Most of us find some way to celebrate the new calendar year so why not put the same care into planning the Celebration of your new year?   Celebrations don’t have to be elaborate or expensive to be special so in whatever way suits you make sure you celebrate.

1.  Thank God for the blessings, both big and small. Every day we wake up with lungs full of oxygen and a world full of possibilities, and yes everyday this fact is a win!  Don’t get so caught up in failed expectations and dreams deferred to be thankful that there is always someone there who has your back and loves the beautiful disaster you are!

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