Off to the races with the TL Charity Polo Match

Almost any reason to dress up and wear a hat is a good one but when it adds in charity, polo, and picnic you have a first class reason to pull out all the stops. At the Tomorrows Luminaries Charity Polo Match at the Chukkar Farm Polo Club you get a great day time party, polo match, and some of the best dressed in Atlanta all in one place.  One of the things I love best about events where you dress to the nines is that looking great puts people in a great mood.  When you are feeling your best you can’t help but smile and the feelings and great vibes are contagious.  So despite the heat everyone was grinning from ear to ear as the Hendrick’s poured and the music enticed you to move to the beat.

The event is located in Alpharetta, Georgia and from someone who is not from Atlanta that means it is really far. As we took off on the really long ride that we were really late heading out for I began to wonder if it would be worth it.  We had to pack our own picnic, dress our own table, and make it all the way to the country to attend.  But as soon as we arrived and took in all the fabulousness at hand we knew the answer was absolutely yes!  We made our own spread of everything we liked but the guests around us were friendly and more than willing to share and point out some things that shouldn’t be missed.  Of course this included the Hendricks stations pouring up the one and only gin I will drink in some cocktails perfect for the occasion.  While you sit perched high upon a hill with a lovely polo match in play you realize this is one of the moments where being grown up and being able to appreciate new experiences is so great.  As the day moved on the great live band and subsequent friends and friends shots that continued made it truly and event and a day to remember.

Changing the face of giving with Cheers for Charity

Me with Cheers for Charity Performes

You can often open the social section of a Houston magazine or newspaper and hear about a charity that is able to raise large amounts of funds all in one night with a glitzy and glamorous gala or event. The ability to pull in the big bucks for a gala, however, is often an impossible feat or a smaller charity as it takes years of building connections and sponsors to make these fabulous galas possible.   That is, of course, before Cheers for Charity hit the scene bring the huge fundraising potential of established charities to equally worthy charities whose scale is a little bit smaller.

Enjoyign the festivities with founder Peter RemingtonCheers for Charity is the brainchild of Houston Luxury Magazine Publisher Peter Remington, who was inspired by the thought of bringing top of the line fundraising capabilities to smaller charities. As the size of the charity does not automatically reflect the needs of their cause it is a great way to spread the wealth of our generous city and make a big impact on the people and communities affected by the charities.

Fun Silent Auction Items 1 Fun Silent Auction Items 2 Silent Auction Art 1 Silent Auction Art 2 Cheers for Charity DonutsIn its inaugural event, Cheers for Charity, brought an eclectic mix of fun and posh to Midtown Houston.   The venue, like the event, is not your typical charity gala scene as Gaslamp was transformed into a party headquarters with good drinks, delicious food, and beautiful people all around.  The performers and the DJ produced a vibe that definitely reflects the joy of giving that was contagious to the crowd.  With the drinks and music and laughter flowing the giving also began to flow very fast and furious.  With a fun live auction and a goodie filled silent auction on deck it was a great feeling to see how greatly enriched the four charities would be long after the party stopped. Cheers for Charity Peformer


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